Thursday 9 July, 2020

9 cool ways you can give back

When people think about volunteerism and community service, some mistakenly assume that they have to be as rich as Daddy Warbucks give back. 

Quite the opposite.

While monetary contributions are important to help fund initiatives and NGOs, it's not the only way you can contribute. In many cases, sometimes just an hour of your time is just as bountiful. There are many people who, for various reasons, feel as is they've been pushed to the side by society; donating time and in certain cases, your skills, does wonders for people's morale. 

Here are 10 cool ways you can give back to society: 


One in four adults in Trinidad cannot read. ALTA is helping to reduce that number along with the stigmatisation that goes along with adult illiteracy.ALTA welcomes volunteers to train as tutors in the free ALTA classes or as guides for ALTA Reading Circles.


2. Kids In Need of Direction (K.I.N.D.)

The NGO has spent the last two decades providing support toward the education and holistic development of over 15,000 children and families in need across Trinidad & Tobago.

They’ve designed programmes to help remove barriers to for those in need, as well as to provide holistic opportunities for academic, cognitive, physical, emotional, social and moral development.

You can help reduce significant barriers to education by providing essential resources such as nutritious food, school supplies and transport for children and families in need.


3. Blind Welfare Association of Trinidad and Tobago

The Blind Welfare Association welcomes volunteers to assist clients with reading, library research, medical appointments.  


4. Habitat for Humanity 

Habitat for Humanity helps to build shelters for those who need in communities throughout the country.
Get your hands dirty and toil under the sun with people from different backgrounds while you help to build a home for a family. 


5. Just Because Foundation

Based in the Paediatric Ward at Mt. Hope, the Just Because Foundation provides emotional, practical and social support for families of children with cancer. They also offer short-term housing for families who travel from remote areas in Trinidad and Tobago and from other Caribbean countries with their child for chemotherapy or radiation treatment in Trinidad. Give back by participating in helping with event planning, media and communications and their 'Home Away From Home' initiative. 

6. Lifeline

Sometimes just listening can be the difference between life and death. Sign up to become a volunteer listener at Lifeline. You can also sign up to be a part of STOP (Student Outreach Programme) which divided into two elements: outreach to YTC and Outreach to students at high risk of being victims and/or perpetrators of violence and crime.


7. Nourish TT

Nourish uses web and mobile technology to connect food providers directly with NGOs and charities that feed people in need--reducing hunger and food wastage in the process. Their main goal is to ensure that instead of food being thrown away, it gets to people who are most in need. 


8. Volunteer Centre of Trinidad and Tobago

If you're not sure of how exactly you can contribute, your best option would be pay to pay a visit to the Volunter Centre of Trinidad and Tobago, a database and centralised that provides volunteers and organisations with projects which help citizens create sustainable change in their communities.

9. Any children's home 

Children's homes are always welcoming people to volunteer at children's home, especially for tutoring. Call or visit the nearest one in your community and find out the procedure for volunteering for them. 


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