Wednesday 8 April, 2020

10 local food companies going green

Trinidad and Tobago still has a long way to go in terms of sustainable consumption, but some companies are slowly but surely making progress. 

Here are 10 food companies that are going green through the use of biodegradable packaging, that is, plant-based, compostable packaging which decomposes much faster than regular paper products, causing less pollution to the environment:


1. El Pecos Grill

This popular restaurant made the switch over to biodegradable packaging earlier this year. Since then, the company sells its delicious meals in plant-based packaging, which, unlike Styrofoam and plastic, degrades naturally into the environment. 


2. Mandiero's Peri Peri Grill

Mandiero's, located at MovieTowne, Port of Spain, now has a winning combination of its signature Peri Peri sauce and delicious meals, all ready to go in sustainable packaging, courtesy Hello Green


3. Lola's Food Company

Another great stop along Tragarete Road, Port of Spain, is this delicious breakfast and lunch cafe with a range of dreamy dishes for both meat lovers and vegetarians. Lola's proudly uses biodegradable packaging for all of its takeaway options. More info here:


4. Conscious Cafe TT

This very irie cafe is located within One Yoga T&T's studio at the Queen's Park Oval. Featuring healthy meals for both vegetarians and omnivores, grab a coffee or lunch, or a snack, but feel confident that your takeaway boxes are environmentally friendly and 100 percent compostable. Find out more here:


5. Noodle Bowl

Situated in Westmall near the food court, The Noodle Bowl serves a range of noodle dishes either for dining in or takeaway.  All their takeaway boxes are compostable and environmentally friendly.


6. Rizzoni's Ristorante Italiano

Rizzoni's, based in MovieTowne, Port of Spain, serves excellent Italian cuisine, but also does its part to help save the environment by choosing plant-based packaging, courtesy Biopack.


7. Ruby Tuesday's

Most Trinis know the popular Ruby Tuesday's restaurant, but did you know that they recently also started using compostable packaging? Now you can take home your leftovers without worrying that your packaging is going to pollute the environment, a win-win situation all around. 


8. MyleSushi

Delicious sushi? Check. Saving the environment? Also check. MyleSushi uses 100 percent compostable packaging for their delicious dishes, so saving the planet never tasted so good. Find out more at


9. The Organic Lounge

Serving healthy smoothies and other treats, the Organic Lounge, in Southpark, San Fernando, makes sure the environment gets to be as healthy as you are by using compostable packaging. 


10. More Vino

Another delicious option for sushi, More Vino not only serves a range of delicious wine and sushi, but makes sure your dining experience is enhanced that you're also helping to save the environment, just by dining there. 

Congrats to all these companies making the change over to a greener, more sustainable future. 

If you're searching for plant-based, compostable packaging for your business, check out these companies:


Go Green Caribbean:


What other companies do you know of that have gone green? Let us know in the comments. 

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