Thursday 1 October, 2020

10 parang songs with double meanings

Everyone remembers listening to parang songs as children, but as adults, they take on a whole new meaning.

Here’s a list of parang songs that are sure to make you go ‘hmm’:

1. Kenny J – Paint Brush

Kenny J’s (Kenwrick Joseph) famous parang song shows it pays to return anything you borrowed, otherwise your neighbour will come knocking for their ‘brush’.

Listen here:


2. Kenny J – Cork in Her Hand

Kenny J strikes again with this classic, consisting of one woman who, for some strange reason, kept walking around with a cork in her hand.

Listen here:


3. Kenny J - Alexander

(Photo: Kenny J with another musical legend, the Mighty Sparrow.)

The king of innuendo is back, this time with ‘Alexander’, who one woman was searching feverishly for. When shortened to Alex, the woman’s cries could very easily be misconstrued for something else.  Listen here: 


4. Scrunter - Leroy

Scrunter’s famous parang tells the mysterious tale of Leroy’s mother, who has disappeared. It is suspected she has gone ‘paranging’. She left the cake in the oven, the pastelles are burnt, and it’s a true disaster.

When will Leroy’s mother return? No one knows.

Hopefully Leroy and his dad can at least enjoy a cold Solo Sorrel and maybe get a couple plates from the neighbour.

Listen here:


5. Rome - Annie

Annie makes a great pone, and Rome can’t resist. It’s a tale of true love between Rome and Annie’s pone.

Listen here: 


6. Marcia Miranda – Love for Christmas

For some people, Christmas means food, but for Marcia Miranda all she wants is love. See the music video here: 


7.  Iwer George – Sandra

Iwer George has a new hit this year with a picky friend called Sandra, who only wants wine. Sandra should have stuck to Solo Ginger Beer and stayed out of trouble.

Listen here:


8. Susan Macio – Trini Christmas is the Best

This famous parang song seems innocent at first, a visitor being entertained at her home…but one wonders, how much wine did she give him to drink?

Listen here:


9. Marcia Miranda – Roast Fowl

Marcia Miranda is back and she’s making a roast fowl for her husband, who sounds like one lucky man.

Listen here: 


10. Kenny J – Stay Inside

This parang song raises some eyebrows for sure.

Kenny J stops by for a Christmas visit but due to the rain his host says ‘you don’t have to pull out so quick’, and urges him to ‘stay inside a little longer’.

Listen here: 


Merry Christmas!

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