Saturday 28 November, 2020

10 things you need your birth certificate for

A birth certificate is a vital document necessary for a number of things – from getting enrolled in a school to obtaining different forms of identification and conducting business transactions.

Here are 10 things for which you would require a birth certificate.

1. Identification – a birth certificate is not only a record of someone’s birth, but the first form of identification a person receives. It verifies the person’s names and its correct spellings. 

2. Registration in a school – a birth certificate is one of the vital documents required in order to be enrolled in a school.

3. Proof of age – as a birth certificate identifies the date on which a person was born, it indicates a person’s correct age which is sometimes necessary for certain jobs with age requirements.

4. Obtaining an identification card – while an identification card is possibly the first form of identification people think of when asked to produce proof of identity, a birth certificate is needed to get an identification card. 

5. Opening a bank account – most banks require two forms of identification, with a birth certificate being the primary piece of identification. Additional pieces of identification include an identification card or drivers permit. 

6. Gaining employment – along with an identification card, most employers require a birth certificate for their employment records.

7. Obtaining a passport – just as with opening a new bank account, a birth certificate is one of the main forms of identification needed to apply for a passport.

8. Proof of relation – in instances of application for citizenship, it may become necessary for persons to prove their relations to the individuals they list as relatives. 

9. Proving citizenship – documentary evidence of citizenship or residency is sometimes required to prove one’s citizenship. A birth certificate is one of the primary pieces of identification needed in this situation.

10. Receiving insurance benefits – some health insurance companies require proof of relation to dependents for coverage. For example, to prove relation to a child in such an instance, a Government-issued birth certificate is an acceptable form of identification.


With all the reasons you need a birth certificate, it's important to ensure all given names are on the birth certificate to secure your identity.

Be sure to insert your given names today. The option is also available to carry your father’s last name by inserting his name on your birth certificate as well.

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