Friday 23 August, 2019

10 things you'd only understand if you grew up in Trinidad and Tobago

Anyone who visits sweet T&T falls in love with the land and our Trinbagonian nature as a whole.

However, there are a few things about our twin island that people wouldn't understand unless they were born and bred here. 

Here are at least 10 things you'd only understand if you grew up in Trinidad and Tobago:


1. The importance of always having a bag (or tin) of Crix in the household.


2. Understanding the fundamental life philosophy that you can chow anything.


3. Being able to understand these cardinal points: "Drive down so and turn by the liquor mart, not the first one eh, the second close to the big tree, keep driving then make a next turn by d shop. If yuh pass the small dog on de corner you gone too far."


4. Powdered milk and sugar in a cup. 


5. Knowing that there’s only one proper way to order doubles: two with everything, slight pepper.


6. Aunty Hazel and Twelve And Under. That is all.


7. When half a block of Golden Ray was the staple ingredient in your grandmother’s stew chicken. 


8. Understanding when someone asks: “You went and check ting down the road fuh the ting?"


9. Feeling accomplished in life when you can spell Guayaguayare, Chacachacare, and Blanchisseuse.


10. When your mother got creative with her tools of disciplines: slipper, belt, pot spoon, clothes hanger, roti dabla...

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