Thursday 26 April, 2018

10 Trini dishes and their calorie counts

Trinis love a good chicken roti or pelau, macaroni pie and stewed chicken. But do you know how many calories you’re really consuming?

Here’s a breakdown of 10 of your favourite foods and their (approximate) calorie counts (per serving):

1. Chicken roti: 500 calories


2. Pelau: 636 calories


3. Macaroni pie: 456 calories


4. Stewed chicken: 300 calories


5. Doubles: 300 calories


6. Currants roll: 305 calories


7. Bake and shark (or shark and bake): 600 calories


(Photo courtesy Eat Ah Food)

8. Oil Down: 500 calories


9. Cassava pone: 189 calories


10. Sponge cake (one slice): 243 calories

So bear in mind if you’re gearing up for carnival, every calorie counts!