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Friday 14 August, 2020

This 10-year-old Tobagonian is taking on the hair care industry

10-year-old Jolé St. John with her natural hair oil line Fruity Roots Hair Oil

10-year-old Jolé St. John with her natural hair oil line Fruity Roots Hair Oil

Some people have the entrepreneurial spirit at various points in their lives; some quit their jobs to start their business, for others, they may get started while at university.

But 10-year-old Jolé St. John has already started.

Jolé, who hails from Signal Hill in Tobago, is the founder and owner of Fruity Roots Hair Oil, a product under the parent company she’s registered: JEM Concepts.

Fruity Roots Hair Oil line - which launched on July 1- is a line of scented oils which are meant to combat dandruff and hair loss and assist with hair growth. The line comes in five fruity scents including Pulpy Mango, Banana Strawberry, Coconut Dream, Passion Guava and Mello Watermelon.

According to Jolé, the product was conceptualised while taking part in the “Idea to Income Kid Entrepreneur Programme” which was hosted and facilitated by Marlene Davidson, Managing Director of Nola Gourmet Products. The idea stemmed from the fact that she and her mother had spent some time looking for a product to help their hair grow without chemicals, and also smelled great.

The line was first launched at Nola Gourmet Products Retail Outlet at Rovanel's Resort and will be a featured product there over the next three months. 

Jolé St. John

While for others starting a business might sound daunting, for Jolé, it's simply par for the course. In fact, this isn't her first venture in business; before launching her hair oil line, the astute girl was involved with her father's poultry business. 

“She’s always had the entrepreneurial mindset," said her mother, Trilicia St John. "I’ve noticed that she’s always had strong leadership skills and we would have identified that when her father started his poultry business. She wanted to be involved and, in putting them together, we would have recognised that she wanted to become an entrepreneur."

The Scarborough Methodist Primary School student isn't just running the Fruity Roots in name only, she's involved in everything from mixing ingredients to packaging. Since everything is standardised, she’s in a position to do everything herself.

"With the idea and determination, it really wasn’t a challenge. With regards to what she wants to do in the future, that may require more time to pull together and testing at the labs to create other products that she wants to add to the line," her mother said.

She added: "I’m hoping that it’s a product that people would gravitate to because with a new product you sometimes have the challenge of people not discontinuing what they’re accustomed to because they’re attached to their products. So we’re hoping people will take the opportunity to sample the products and see what benefits there are to be derived."

Jolé doesn't plan to stop there. "My short term plans are to offer the oils in different sizes, my medium-term goals are to find a marketplace in Trinidad and my long term goals are to have other product lines under JEM Concepts."

When asked what advice she would give others thinking of starting their own business, she revealed: "I would say just have confidence in self, believe that it's possible, go to God for everything and make sure you have motivation and support because, with that, anything is possible."

For more information on Fruity Roots Hair Oil, follow them on Facebook and Instagram. To place an order, contact them via email at jemconcepts2019@gmail.com or WhatsApp 707-7752.



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