Thursday 1 October, 2020

9 local apps you should download today

The phrase, 'there's an app for that' has become such an integral part of our lives because almost every aspect of our day is dictated by the apps we use. Need to find out whether to walk with an umbrella later? Open a weather app. Want to get price updates for that trip you're planning in a few months? Open Kayak. 

We regularly download the latest apps to keep us connected with our daily lives, but in a world where new apps are being developed practically every day, sometimes it's easy to miss what's trending right in our own backyard. There are quite a number of local apps ready for your download or being currently developed. Here are at least nine you should download.  

1. Caribbean Jobs 

Looking for a job? Download the Caribbean Jobs app where you can search and apply for the latest jobs from over 1,700 employers across the Caribbean. Refine and filter results by sector, location, salary and date and search full-time, part-time, permanent, temporary and contract roles. With the app you can also create job alerts and get push notifications on the latest vacancies and create your unique job seeker profile, make it searchable and recruiters can find you.

Available for Android and iOS


2. Wanderscape 

Wanderscape is a travel app that connects travellers to authentic experiences with local insiders. Become an Insider and share your world through your experiences. The community of Insiders are ambassadors for their culture, offering a peak of their world as local artisans, while earning for sharing what they know and love. 

In turn, travellers who have the Wanderscape app will get to experience the country like a local, go off the beaten path as a wanderer and be immersed in the local culture with experiences nearby.


3. TT Regs 

Studying and practicing for your driving regulation test has never been easier with the TT Regs app. The app contains practice tests (with answers), study guides for light motor vehicles; goods vehicles; public service vehicles, road signs and hand signals. Even better, once the app is installed, all content is available offline.  no internet connection is needed to use the application as the content is available offline.

Available for Android and iOS


4. Go Trinbago Travel Guide 

You may live in our beautiful twin island republic, but sometimes you may need a little help discovering our many treasures. That's where the Go Trinbago app comes in.

The Go Trinbago app is your personal guide to everything that Trinidad and Tobago has to offer with information on popular sites and attractions, restaurants, and events. Get automatic trip itineraries, offline maps with navigation and sharing your experiences. 


5. Drop Taxi 

The local taxi app that's giving Uber a run for its money, Drop allows the drivers to find you in minutes and quickly get you where you want to go. Book now or book in advance, track your drivers in real time and keep them in touch as they make their way to you. 

6. Tess and friends pan app 

The Tess and Her Friends suite of apps brings the story of the steelpan and steel drums to millennials and young kids. Download a range of games like Pan Puzzle Mania, Pan Crawl, Steelpan Word Search and Catch The Steelpan and let the kids discover and learn about our national instrument. 


7. Travel. Meet. Eat. 

TravelMeetEat is the perfect app for local foodies and travellers. Download the app and join the international travel-foodie community and connect with other travellers who then meet and share fun foodie experiences offline.


8. Project Gordo

There aren't many locally made app games and Project Gordo is filling that gap. The first game released by Coded Arts, you play the protagonist space monkey, Gordo. For Project Goro 1, Gordo is a NASA test primate who was sent into space in order to test living conditions for human beings in outer space.

However, NASA has never been able to recover Gordo upon re-entry to Earth. Unbeknownst to them, Gordo was sucked into a wormhole, causing him to explore new galaxies and solar systems, where no one, or no monkey, has gone before... To play space! Playing as Gordo, you are set in a series of stages that force you to play with various obstacles and hindrances before you can complete your goal.


9. Agri Maps 

AgriMaps provides you with the means to view various geographic properties about land in Trinidad and Tobago and provides crop information on such land to allow you to make informed decisions about planting crops. The application features two modes to provide this functionality called the Land Profile and Crop Recommendation modes.

The Land Profile mode uses your current or proposed GPS coordinates to display various geographic features – roads, rivers, soil series, contours and rainfall. Details on each feature are available where particularly the details of the soil series stand out, i.e. soil series name, pH, calcium content, land capability classification and sand content among others.

The Crop Recommendation Mode uses your current or proposed GPS coordinates to provide a recommendation on the most suitable crops to cultivate in a specific area. This analysis also provides recommendations on how the soil can be improved for a specific crop and takes into account the soil characteristics, rainfall, contours and distance from specific features e.g. nearest river.

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