Saturday 26 September, 2020

12 years hard labour for two found guilty in Tableland robbery

Two of the men who were held following the robbery of a family in Tableland over the weekend have been sentenced to a total of 12 years hard labour.

The two men, Nicholas Alexander, 22, and Josiah Bobb, 18, are both said to be from St Margaret’s Village.

Alexander, the court was told, was a carpenter, while Bobb was a fisherman.

The two plead guilty to three charges of robbery with violence - Alexander faced an additional charge of possession of firearms and possession of ammunition.

The two were represented by attorney Petronilla Basdeo.

Sgt Anil Sankar and PC Ramkissoon were the complainants (charging officers) in the matter, while Sgt Shazeed Mohammed represented the interests of the State.

The matter was heard before Magistrate Nalini Singh in the Rio Claro Magistrates’ Court.

After further submissions to the court, the two men were sentenced. Both men received three years hard labour for each robbery charge.

Alexander faced an additional year for the charges of firearm and ammunition possession.

However, the charges are expected to run concurrently, so the men will face four years of hard labour.

Alexander and Bobb were held following a robbery in George Village, Tableland, on Saturday night (April 27, 2019).

Police were told that around 9.20 pm that night, the owners of a supermarket in the area, who also lived on the same compound, had closed for business when they were confronted by a group of five men.

The men, police said, were armed with guns, and cutlasses.

They relieved the family of their cash, jewellery, and other valuables.

However, the victim’s neighbours heard the screams made when the robbery first started and called the police. Within minutes police were on the scene, and as the robbers attempted to leave the scene, they were confronted by the lawmen.

Police said the men armed with firearms opened fire on the police, who in turn returned fire, hitting one of the men.

Two men fled the scene, while police were able to detain two of the other suspects. A fifth man allegedly confronted police with a firearm and the officers shot him.

The unidentified wounded man was taken to the Princes Town District Hospital where he was pronounced dead.

A firearm was recovered on the scene.

More on this as it becomes available.

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