Sunday 5 April, 2020

The 15 struggles you'd understand only if you went to UWI

Ah, UWI.

Those three to four years on campus were the best of times and worst of times. It was that transitionary period into adulthood, where we began to learn how to take care of ourselves and created lifelong memories and friends.

At times, it also felt like the university was out to get us.

If you're a UWI alum, some of these struggles may resonate with you, so let's take a walk down memory lane. 


1. Mastering the art of gourmet corned beef and ramen.

2. Realising halfway on your way to Zen's RAH Wednesday that you forgot your student ID at home. (R.I.P. Zen)

3. The internal debate on whether to wait on the student shuttle…which may or may not come on time. Or at all.

4. Knowing that looking for TCB (Temporary Classroom Building) rooms is equivalent to searching for Narnia.

5. When you're convinced you’ve got frostbite when writing exams in the mind-numbing cold of SPEC or JFK Auditorium.

6. Trying to connect to UWI’s WiFi.

7. When your transcript won't list you as having completed your programme because you owe UWI $0.02, however, the university will make you wait three to six months to refund your caution fee. 

8. When you practically have to swim across the quadrangle if it so much as drizzles.

9. Losing five pounds through cardio walking to new administration building for something, only to be told that it has to be done at the old administration building, and while there be told that it’s really at new admin. (Y tho)

10. Borrowing library books for the entire semester because it’s cheaper to pay late fees than to purchase them.

11. Deciding to forgo risking carpal tunnel syndrome and instead take photos of the whiteboard notes since the lecturer erases them every thirty seconds after they go up.

12. That moment when you realize that the "front" of UWI is really the back of UWI (south gate).

13. When you go to register for a CORE course and it’s blocked.

14. Failing a foundation course solely because of the attendance rule. On a related note, coming to foundation class the last 5 minutes just to sign the register.

15. Leaving your bag in one of the broken lockers for five minutes because they're free and praying that nobody realises and steals it during that time. 

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