Sunday 21 October, 2018

2017 in Review: Five viral moments that shocked T&T

2017 was a tumultuous year, full of horrific as well as inspiring moments. 

Here is Loop's pick of five viral moments that shocked Trinbagonians:


1. Destra Garcia ruptures fan's bladder

2017 was off to a rocky start for soca queen Destra Garcia, who, in July 2017, was ordered to pay damages to a Belizean fan after pulling off a dance move which ruptured his bladder. Garcia also injured herself while falling off a stage in Bermuda and spent some time recovering after surgery.


2. Off-duty policeman saves hostage after shooting attacker in casino

The heroic act of one off-duty policeman was captured on video after he managed to kill a would-be robber and save a woman who was being held hostage.


3. Akeno Thomas beaten to death

A horrific video showing one man being stomped to death was captured on CCTV footage, shocking the nation. The men responsible have since been held for his murder. 


4. Heroic rescue of child in Caparo

The nation was inspired after two residents from Caparo swam into dangerous flood waters to rescue several stranded persons, among them a small child. 


5. Beetham protests cause chaos in Port of Spain

The nation's capital came to a standstill in November after angry residents took to the Beetham Highway, tossing debris and forcing cars to retreat. The police service and members of the army rushed to the scene to restore order.