Tuesday 1 December, 2020

250 TT nationals stuck at sea on cruise ships as borders remain closed

There are currently 250 Trinidad and Tobago nationals onboard cruise ships who want to come back home.

National Security Minister Stuart Young made the revelation while speaking at the daily virtual media briefing on Wednesday.

However, Young said Trinidad and Tobago's borders remain closed and urged the citizens abroad to 'shelter in place.'

"I want the population of Trinidad and Tobago to understand something, there are well over 250 nationals across the region, across this western hemisphere now, who want to come back home. Understand how quickly that will feed into that environment. Right now, I've been told each and everyone of them is in her own room being fed properly. We understand because even people here who have stay-at-home measures, the difficulty you face. You begin to get literal cabin fever. But right now, Trinidad and Tobago is not prepared.

We cannot take that surge of persons back into our environment, whilst we're trying to protect the people here in our environment and in our population. Understand, that is not an easy decision to take. It is one that personally weighs on me very heavily and I particular when I discussed these provisions with my cabinet colleagues and Prime Minister. But it is a necessary measure that we must continue to take at this stage."

Young added that any breaking of the borders at this stage has the potential to begin importation of the virus back into T&T.

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