Wednesday 26 February, 2020

$2m for La Horquetta recreation grounds lights

Two recreation grounds in La Horquetta have been outfitted with lights at a cost of approximately $2 million.

The lights will greatly benefit the community and those from surrounding areas that utilise the grounds, according to Minister of Public Utilities Robert Le Hunte. 

Le Hunte formally commissioned the lights at the Phase 4 and Phase 6 Recreation Grounds in La Horquetta on Thursday evening.

Speaking at the event, he encouraged youth from the community to make good use of the facilities to further the sporting legacy of the many sportsmen and women who have hailed from the La Horquetta area. 

"There are far reaching benefits to these projects," he said.

"Recreation grounds like these, can become the hub of activity for the communities that surround them. Schools, religious institutions, community organisations and sports clubs, families and individuals in need of exercise or just plain relaxation - all use recreation spaces on a regular basis."

Le Hunte said participation in these types of activities could ultimately lead to a decrease in crime as well as improvements in the health and well being of residents.

"It can also help foster relationships among individuals and groups. Such relationships can result in building stronger families, and by extension more resilient communities, and can help to foster a sense of solidarity and kinship that redound to the benefit of all who live in such communities," he stated.

The project was funded by the the Ministry of Public Utilities under the Public Sector Investment Programme (PSIP).

Le Hunte urged the community to use the facilities wisely and protect them from vandalism and misuse.

He noted that La Horquetta MP Maxie Cuffie, who is currently abroad receiving medical treatment, would be pleased with the project.

"Mr. Cuffie has always focused on the development of the communities that comprise his constituency and the nation at large. And I have no doubt that he is already thinking of the many opportunities that these lights will provide for the residents of La Horquetta," Le Hunte said.

"He is, however, recovering quite well and we wish him a speedy return to full health." 

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