Wednesday 25 November, 2020

38 sheep, 18 goats stolen from Ministry's breeding unit

Photo courtesy Camini Maharaj/Facebook.

Photo courtesy Camini Maharaj/Facebook.

Amid a spate of incidents involving the theft of goats and sheep, yet another incident is being investigated after 56 animals were taken from the Ministry of Agriculture, Land and Fisheries’ animal breeding unit in Mayaro.

Minister Clarence Rambharat said the matter is being investigated, adding that this incident may have been an inside job.

Agricultural Officer at the Ministry, Camini Maharaj, made a Facebook post on Sunday after the discovery of the shocking theft:

‘Today Sunday 16th August,2020 will never be forgotten. I recieved news early in the morning that all the animals were stolen from Mayaro Breeding Unit, sheep and goats.’

‘On my arrival to the station it was empty a sad site only one goat was left because she escaped.'

(Photo courtesy Camini Maharaj/Facebook)

‘As I walked around the pens my eyes filled with water because I knew which animal was in each pen and I would touch them and say your boss lady is here tell me what you all want more grass more feed mineral licks.’

‘I contained myself for the staff present on site because I knew how much each and everyone of them would have cared in some gentle way for all the animals the foreman, stockmen, labourers, watchmen, tractor driver, checker, livestock officer, veterinary officer, AA3, AA2 and other technical staff.’

‘The Directorate and senior persons in authority were all shaken up by this theft. I am thankful for their support today. This station would have provided high quality breeding stock to farmers at a subsidized cost, hence boosting the livestock sector. I will miss them all.’

In another incident, 21 goats were reportedly stolen from an elderly La Romaine farmer.

The Ministry’s Permanent Secretary Susan Shurland, told Loop News that these were prime breeding animals and the theft is a sore blow to the farming industry.

‘I feel it for the farmers; the Mayaro Breeding Unit was a source of assistance to help farmers get support for their own farms. They took all 56 animals at that Unit, and that would have formed part of the support we give to farmers, so they may suffer more because of this.’

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) Praedial Larceny Unit is continuing investigations.

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