Saturday 24 August, 2019

3Canal to revisit Carnival roots with Zingaytalala

3 Canal. Photo: Maria Nunes

3 Canal. Photo: Maria Nunes

3Canal is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year and every year they have asked themselves 'What Time it Is and What’s Going On?', that has been the driving spirit of our Jouvay investigation.

In the beginning, they imagined a space where true freedom reigned and people returned to a primal state of being: naked and pure and raw.

"Our mission was to challenge the notion of Carnival/Jouvay as fun and mindless abandon and “connect to the root of the living vibration” and commemorate Jouvay as Canboulay a “Living Ritual of Freedom and Liberation and Renewal” in the spirit of our ancestors," the group said in a release.

This year 3canal in celebration of its 15th annual Carnival Show will explore that theme with the title Zingaytalala!

"Zingaytalala is a cry from deep from within, an old stickman chant, a reckoning. Zingaytalala is a cry from the spirit, a shout from the soul, a cry for healing, a call to the World to do more and be more, for the good of the Whole. Zingaytalala is a call seeking a response, a cry of affirmation, a cry of resilience, a cry of jubilation, a cry of persistence. Zingaytalala is a cry of courage, a call of conviction, a cry of Liberation and a call for Celebration. Zingaytalala is a cry and a call to evoke and invoke a new spirit of love, life and living; Thanksgiving and celebrate now!!!" the release said.

The show will run from Monday, February 18 to Wednesday, February 20 at the Queen’s Hall, St. Ann’s. and will feature 3canal and the cut + clear crew LIVE and The Black Box Crew as well as music, mas, dance, drama and plenty bacchanal.

The preamble to this year’s show features a cast of traditional carnival characters in the form of a Mad Damme Lorraine, a Bitter Black Indian, a ‘Woke” Baby Doll, a Pretentious Jamette and a Flamboyant Stick Man, played by Randy Stanley, Arnold Goindhan, Cecilia Salazar, Kimmy Stoute Robinson and Marvin Dowridge respectively.

"They come together to ‘Boom Up History’ and tell the story of the events of Carnival 1919, exactly 100 years ago, that led to the eventual demise of the Jamette Bands," the group said.

The Black Box Crew also returns for this year's show. The dynamic group of young artists made their debut at last year's POWER show and continue to create under the mentorship and direction of 3canal. Featuring Jelae Stroude-Mitchell as the Rude Gyal Rapso Feminist, Randy Stanley as Mizz Jinnay and the Brothers Thomas - Mogabi and Shermake…and introducing this year Marvin Doweridge. They will all be featured in a Jouvay Jamdown alongside 3canal on the Du Dup Soul March Riddim, created by Keshav Chandadathsingh.

3canal and The Black Box Crew will be backed by the cut + clear crew Live featuring Simon Mendoza on Keyboards, Jayron Remy on Sequencers, Kiwan Landreth Smith on Guitars, Joanna Maria Hussain on Bass, John Ottway on Drums, and Keshav Chandradatsingh on Percussion, with Marcus Sammy as Engineer.

Written and directed by Wendell Manwarren with choreography by Deon Baptiste, Ian Baptiste, Jelae Stroude-Mitchell, Tricia Rea Boyce, Abeo Jackson and Kevon Charles. Costume design by Meiling and her team headed by Zidelle Henry. The lighting design has been crafted by Celia wells, with set design by Sean Leonard.

Showtime is 8 pm.

Tickets are priced as follows:

Early Bird General Tickets (Available until Feb 8): $200

Monday 18 - Wednesday 20: $250 General / $300 Special Reserved

Special Reserved tickets are available at the Queen’s Hall Box Office or at The Big Black Box on #33 Murray Street, Woodbrook. For more info go to or call 622-1001.


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