Friday 4 December, 2020

5 books to keep you entertained during the COVID-19 pandemic

As the coronavirus continues to make its way around the globe, people are being advised to limit non-essential travel and practice social distancing.

The result, possible boredom and increased levels of stir-craziness.

Here we’ve compiled a list of books written by a number of uber-talented, forward-thinking and dynamic women (most of them from the Caribbean) we guarantee will keep you occupied and entertained until it’s safe to resume your usual jaunts.


  1. Secrets We Kept: Three Women Of Trinidad by Krystal A. Sital (Trinidad and Tobago)

This book explores the complexities of gender inequality and domestic violence as one family tries to escape the legacy of a rigid ethnic and racial caste system.

The story is told by Krystal who struggles to reconcile the two versions of her grandfather, the gentle giant she loved dearly and the domineering tyrant who ruled with an iron-fist and spent decades abusing his wife, children and near everyone else around him.

It wasn’t until her grandfather fell ill and lost the ability to move or even speak, that her mother and grandmother found the courage to break their silence sharing their story of cruelty, pain, years of abuse, endurance and love.

  1. Everything Inside by Edwidge Danticat (Haiti)

A collection of eight short stories that explore the highs and lows of human relationships. Stories of love, loss and redemption guaranteed to make you laugh, cry and everything in-between. A thrilling read and one of my personal favs.

  1. Mr. Loverman by Bernadine Evaristo (British Author but the main characters are both Antiguan)

This is not your usual run of the mill romance. It follows the almost mischievous antics of 74 year old Barrington ‘Barry’ Walker who is battling a late-life crisis. Now that his children are all grown, Barry wants nothing more than to leave his wife and spend what’s left of his life with his lover and childhood friend, Morris de la Roux.

His wife Carmel is tired of his drinking and what she thinks are daily dalliances with a string of women. He’s had enough of her judgmental ways and overly critical friends.

Would Barry finally have the courage to live his truth? Or would he walk away from Morris in a last-ditched attempt to make his marriage work?

You’ve got to read the book to find out!

  1. What Had Happened Was… by Genisa Hilaire (Trinidad and Tobago)

This story chronicles the author’s journey of self-discovery, self-acceptance, self-love and her determination to heal after two broken marriages.

Genisa’s story is one of pain, struggle, self-doubt and unrequited love. But it doesn’t end there, hers is also a story of remarkable growth, strength and survival.

What Had Happened Was… is a raw and very real account of one woman’s drive to succeed despite the remarkable odds stacked against her.

  1. Here Comes The Sun Nicole Dennis-Benn (Jamaica)

This book explores some extremely difficult yet interesting themes as Dennis-Benn tells about the side of Jamaica tourists don’t usually see.

The story follows Margot whose life is a series of sacrifices. She works at a resort to help put food on the table and provide an education for her younger sister.

All too familiar with the sometimes violent consequences of same-sex love within a small Caribbean community, she keeps the woman she loves (Verdene) at arm’s length.

The story also explores the complexities of sexual tourism in an island paradise, the struggles associated with abject poverty and the relationships between women who are all battling demons of their own.



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