Wednesday 11 December, 2019

5 reasons parents get excited about schools re-opening

The new school year will soon be here and for many parents, that day can’t come soon enough.

Here are five reasons parents get excited about the re-opening of school.

1: More food in the house: Let’s face it, children are always hungrier on vacation and it’s difficult to keep up with their seemingly bottomless stomachs. By now most parents are probably hiding the back to school stocks just so they’d have something to put in the cupboards next week.

2: More money in their wallets: Between the endless supply of food, camps, lessons, and visits to the zoo, parents are pretty much broke by the end of the July/August vacation. Back to school means a chance to save some pennies till the Christmas vacation rolls around.

3: Peace and quiet: No television, no video games, no children running, shouting, crying or fighting, just peace and quiet at least till 3pm.

4: They get their nights back: Back to school means back to bedtime routines. No more late nights watching movies or hanging out with the neighbourhood kids. Parents can finally reclaim their nights and the television.

5: No more hunting for babysitters: No more having to hunt for people to look after your kids so you could go to work or enjoy morning coffee with friends.


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