Friday 29 May, 2020

5 relationship podcasts you should listen to

When you are going through your relationship drama it’s difficult to know who you can confide in.

 You don’t always want to seek counsel from your friends or worse, your family and therapists just aren’t affordable when you are watching every cent.

If you are looking for answers, podcasts might be helpful. For those not familiar with podcasts, they are digital audio files which you can download. Similar to talk radio, they are typically available as a series, new instalments of which can be received by subscribers automatically.

There are tons of podcasts on relationships which you may find useful and we’ve selected five we think are best to listen to.


In this podcast, actress/writer Julia Meltzer invites couples on the podcast to discuss a recent argument and gives them advice. Couples argue over everyday things such as a rule in a game. Meltzer allows listeners to see themselves in each couple as she dissects and analyses the real issues at hand.

Dear Sugars

On Dear Sugars, people submit their relationship problems and hosts  Cheryl Strayed and Steve Almond, fields all and, according to their website, offers radical empathy in return.

Savage Lovecast

Known as America’s Sweetheart, Dan Savage helps thousands on his immensely popular blog. He gives advice to anyone needing relationship advice whether they are gay, straight or in-between. People seeking answers simply call and leave messages on a number provided on the site.

How to talk to Girls

This one is strictly for the guys. This podcast by gives advice to men on everything to do with sex and relationships. You can also hear tips, tricks, and techniques to help you accomplish your dating goal, whether you’re after casual sex or a long term relationship. 

Mastering Marriage Podcast

This is a faith-based podcast by a married couple David and Amanda Taylor who offer advice on ways to keep your marriage strong and healthy. Many episodes delve into the psychological factors that lead us to seek out certain romantic partners, and how that can lead to problems later on if we don’t identify red flags that could lead to a breakdown.





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