Sunday 15 December, 2019

The 5 taxi drivers you encounter at every taxi stand

Taxi drivers are the driving force (no pun intended) of the travelling public. They get us all to where we're going.

As a veteran member of the travelling public, you eventually begin to realise that there are certain taxi drivers that exist no matter which part of Trinidad and Tobago you travel to.

They include: 


1. The Liar

He's the one that hustles to get you into his car on the premise that it's just "one to go, one to go!"

Thinking that the taxi gods have smiled on you and that you might actually arrive at your final destination ahead of time, you're instead greeted with an empty car with the radio and A/C to keep you company.

He's the reason why you have trust issues. 


2. The Lost One

This one is specifically true for those on the Curepe taxi stand. The clear lines of demarcation for taxi drivers are apparently mere suggestions for some, as some Chaguanas drivers have been known to park in the lane designated for San Fernando cars and vice versa.

Those accustomed to travelling know that it's wise to specifically ask drivers which direction they're heading and have them point to their vehicle since it's not uncommon to jump in a car thinking you're heading to the southland and find yourself on Busy Corner in Chaguanas.


3. The Hunter

The Hunter taxi driver waits for you on the stand like a lion stalking its prey. He spotted you from the moment you crossed the road and before you even gave half a thought about which car you intended to jump in.

He doesn't know who you are, he doesn't know what you want, but he does have a particular set of skills and he will get you in his car. The Hunter will move mountains (and other taxi drivers) to get you in his vehicle. 


4. The Sweet Man

Ladies are painfully aware of this type.

The Sweet Man taxi driver is not only looking to pick you up but pick up. Even when you indicate that you're not travelling, they make it clear that they don't mind taking you wherever you want to go. 


5. The Lonely Planet, also known as The Chatterbox

Will strike up a conversation at a moment's notice, regardless if you respond or not. He is immune to headphones. Topics range from politics to social issues, to if you agree with the nonsense the radio DJ just uttered.

By the time you arrive at your destination, not only do you know who he voted for during the last election but also when his sister's flight from London comes in. 

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