Tuesday 1 December, 2020

5 views worth the drive

It’s no secret that Trinidad and Tobago is a gorgeous pair of islands.

With lush, green rainforests, stark rock outcrops, grassy plains, rugged mountain ranges, winding rivers, vast swamplands and beautiful beaches that stretch for miles, T&T can be a photographer’s dream, but often gets taken for granted.

With the long weekend approaching, Loop gathered up some of the best views on the island, near and far, that might inspire you to hop in your car, organise a road trip – maybe even a boat trip – and go the distance for some truly stunning vistas.

Tracking Station, Chaguaramas

(Photo: IslandKidz)

This one is an easy drive into the western peninsula, and a bit of a hike, but the trail up to the Tracking Station in Chaguaramas is well worth the effort. Private vehicles aren’t allowed past the barrier at the entrance to the famous “Bamboo Cathedral” so you’ll have to ditch the wheels and walk for between 20 to 30 minutes up to the abandoned missile tracking satellite perched above Tucker Valley and Macqueripe.

Distance from Port of Spain: 23.2 km

Distance from San Fernando: 73.5 km

Distance from Arima: 54.6 km



(Photo: IslandKidz)

Mayaro is a hot bed of activity on long weekends and during the school vacations. Nine miles of beach stretch along the south east coast of Trinidad, providing the perfect spot for a day of swimming, hunting for chip chips, catching crabs, fishing, or just relaxing on the sand. The long Manzanilla/Mayaro road, dotted with slender, waving palm trees will provide the perfect backdrop to your next Instagram photo.

Distance from Port of Spain: 97.2 km

Distance from San Fernando: 70.3 km

Distance from Arima: 70 km


No Man’s Land

(Photo: IslandKidz)

You might need to rent a 4x4 on the sister isle to get to this gem by land, but the drive through the mangrove will be well worth it. Located in Buccoo, this beautiful little spit is a popular spot for beach barbecues and party boats. We recommend you head there just around 4pm so you have some time to chill out before taking in the magical sunset over the Caribbean Sea.

Distance from Crown Point: 5 km

Distance from Scarborough: 11.2 km


Galera Point

(Photo: IslandKidz)

Enough cannot be said about the north eastern most point of Trinidad, where the Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean meet in a crashing of waves across jagged rocks. The drive will take you along the winding Toco Main Road, past the foamy white ocean and scores of beach houses that line the coast. If you make it a lime, there’s no end of bars and rest stops for you and friends to quench your thirst and it’s been said that the food in the area is some of the best. Once you reach your destination, carefully clamber across the rocks to get the best photo opportunities.

Distance from Port of Spain: 90.5 km

Distance from San Fernando: 125 km

Distance from Arima: 63.2 km



(Photo: IslandKidz)

It’s been said that the golden hour at Icacos is not to be missed. Located at the end of the southwestern peninsula of Trinidad, Icacos’s far flung location makes it an unlikely visit for most Trinis. It is said that on a clear day, you can see neighbouring Venezuela, which is separated from Trinidad’s south western most end by a strip of sea called The Serpent’s Mouth. We strongly recommend you add Icacos to your next “Know Your Country” tour.

Distance from Port of Spain: 132 km

Distance from San Fernando: 84.3 km

Distance from Arima: 143 km

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