Tuesday 27 October, 2020

5 ways to celebrate mum during lock down

Even though many Caribbean islands have begun to roll back lockdown measures, our movements are still restricted to limited numbers in public spaces and curbside pick-up at restaurants. This, of course, makes celebrating Mother’s Day a challenging one but all is not lost, all you need is some creativity and thought to make the day a special one.

Let her rest

The best gift you could do for mothers, especially if they are still parenting young children and teens, is to let them rest.  Allow them to lie in bed or relax with their feet up while you pamper them with meals and beverages of their choice. Divvy up the housework among the other members of the home and don’t let anyone harass them with anything.


Bake or order a cake

If bakeries are open in your territory, order a cake or buy one off the shelf for the mothers in your life.  Make the cake even more special by baking it yourself. Doesn’t matter if your efforts are aided with a box recipe, the thought it what count. if your mother is not into cake or you don't trust your cake-making skills, make her favourite dessert instead.


Whip up lunch fit for a queen

Mothers love to throw down on a Sunday so repay mum today with a spread she will never forget. Throw in some of her fave dishes and if you have the space, make it a picnic or just gather the family to eat together if you aren’t accustomed to eating that way.


Keep her entertained

While mum has her feet up, keep her entertained. Let her watch her favourite movies today, stage a family concert or play a board game. Spending time with her family is what today is about.


Record the memories

Life is fragile especially in these times and every moment with your mother is worth savouring. Spend the day recording your mother’s stories or let her get dressed up for a fun family photoshoot at home.

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