Thursday 27 February, 2020

500 trees planted in Chaguaramas on Corpus Christi

Five hundred seedlings were planted in Chaguaramas on Thursday.

Two hundred cedar, 250 mahogany and 50 marite polar trees were planted.


Rahana Juman, Acting Director of the Institute of Marine Affairs, noted that the initiative was geared to counter some of the effects of forest fires during the 2019 Dry Season.

“We had an event this morning where we had almost 200 volunteers came out to do some reforestation in the Chaguaramas area. During the dry season, we had a lot of forest fires that caused a lot of damage and today the initiative is basically to replant some of these areas that were burnt.

The intent, of course, is that we need to protect our forests because it also helps us to protect our ocean. When you have deforestation, you have a lot of sediment that eventually ends up in our ocean and impacts on our costal eco-system.”


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