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Friday 14 August, 2020

6 street food stops for first-time visitors to T&T

Photo via Facebook

Photo via Facebook

It’s that time of year again when visitors from around the world arrive to celebrate ‘the greatest show on Earth’, known as Carnival in Trinidad and Tobago.

Apart from the festival itself, the country is also becoming well-known as a foodie destination due to the wide range of street food, including vegetarian food, on offer. 

For those visiting the home of Carnival for the first time, check out these six stops (or visit them again if you’ve been before):

(Photo courtesy Grueslayer/Wikipedia)

1. Queen’s Park Savannah

Not only is it the stage for the greatest show on Earth, but it’s also the first stop for visitors to the Capital seeking out tasty street food.

There’s something for everyone, from jerk chicken to curry, BBQ, souse, and corn soup, accra fritters, and pholourie for vegetarians.

Walk around the Savannah and you’ll also find an oyster vendor and deliciously fresh oysters served in a tasty, spicy sauce.

There are also coconut vendors offering fresh coconut water and jelly for around TT$10 per nut, a steal of a deal.

Don’t forget dessert – ice cream stalls often offer a range of homemade ice creams for sale.


2. Ariapita Avenue

The capital’s popular liming strip also has a range of street food on offer, from the world-famous Sauce Doubles, based in Curepe but recently expanded to the Avenue, to gourmet doubles – doubles with toppings such as curry goat or duck instead of chickpeas.

Feeling for pizza? No problem. Burgers? Check. And feel free to wash it down with a local beer or two. 

3. Maracas Beach

Both street food and beach food, bake and shark is one of the country’s most famous sandwiches.

The sale of shark has, in recent times, been questioned as there are limited regulations for sustainable shark fishing.

However if in doubt beach vendors also offer other fillings such as shrimp, king fish, as well as vegetarian options.

Don’t forget to try the mango and pineapple chow and other sweets along the way at the North Coast Road Lookout.


4. D’ Cross, San Fernando

Street food goes gourmet at D’ Cross, located near Cross Crossing in San Fernando.

Try towering burgers and gyros courtesy B’s Gyros and Burgers, or amazing fajitas from Chimichanga.

For the meat eaters try delicious hot dogs from Irie Dawgs Grillmasters, or join the line for some of the best chicken or shrimp meals from D’ Cabin on D’ Cross (now located on Cipero Street, San Fernando).


5. D Original BBQ Hut (aka ‘Muslim BBQ’)

While on your way through the Southland make a pit stop at D Original BBQ Hut, and known for some of the best BBQ lamb, chicken and fish meals in the land. Don’t believe us? Try it yourself.

(Photo via Facebook)

6. Hassanali's D’ Green Shed, Penal/Debe

Arguably one of South Trinidad’s oldest street food locations, Hassanali's D’ Green Shed is well-known as ‘the’ best place for savoury and sweet delicacies such as saheena, bhaigani, kachouri, doubles and more.

Make your way from shed to shed to sample any of the many street dishes on offer, made fresh and piping hot – and let them know how much (or little) pepper you want!

Know of other street food treasures? Share with us in the comments below.

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