Thursday 23 January, 2020

7 Carnival fete tickets you should have reserved by now

Christmas may be a couple weeks away but for the Carnival fanatic, the planning and prep do not stop for the holidays. 

Carnival 2018 is carded to be a very short season. How short? Well, the first fete of the season is carded for New Years Day. With that said, here are seven fetes whose tickets you should have reserved by now. 


Soka in Moka

You may have to make those New Year's resolutions on the go as Soka in Moka, the first fete of the season will be held on New Year's Day. Tickets are still available but with all the Christmas melee, you should put aside cash for those tickets today.


Beach House

If you haven't reserved your Beach House tickets yet, we suggest asking around to get on to a committee member or sending a request to reserve and hope for the best. 



One of the most anticipated cooler fetes of the season, TRIBE I.C.E. tickets are always in high demand. Tickets start dwindling almost as soon as they go on sale, so it's a good idea to reserve your tickets well in advance. 


Soca Brainwash

There’s something about Private Ryan’s annual fete that sends everyone into a frenzy. Collecting die-hard patrons every year, Soca Brainwash is not a fete you want to wait until last minute to source tickets for.



Machel Montano using the cooler fete to shoot his music videos has ramped up the demand for Soaka many times over. It’s not unusual for tickets to be practically ‘sold out’ by the time official sales have begun. If you planned on going, find a committee member now.


D’ Original Vale Breakfast Party

If you don't have a ticket by now, you're fresh out of luck, since Vale has been sold out since early November. Better luck next year. 


Caesar's Army AM Bush

Of all the J'ouvert parties on the Carnival scene, AM Bush is not one to miss. The demand for AM Bush packages is so insane, if you don't have a committee member on lock ahead of registration, you might find yourself taking in the action on Instagram.

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