Saturday 26 May, 2018

7 flight deals for under US$500 you should book in October

Who doesn't love a great travel deal?

There are many travellers who usually take their holidays during the summer period, but there are some who saved up their vacation days (and patience!) to take holidays in the latter half of the year. 

Any seasoned traveller would tell you that flight deals are a lot more affordable during the off-peak season, and October just so happens to be one month in which you can find some really sweet flight deals. 

Here are at least 7...


1. Miami (US$280)

October 10 - October 17

Okay, so you may have juuuust missed Miami Carnival by the time you fly in, but it's Miami: there's always something on. After soaking up the sun at South Beach, you can pop on over to Grovetoberfest, touted as the "most scenic beer festival in the world" and Florida's version of the German classic. Or maybe you can catch Bruno Mars in concert on October 15. Christmas is also right around the corner, you'll probably want to get a head start on that holiday shopping. 


2. Washington (US$303)

October 6 - October 20 

If you're patient enough to have booked all your holidays for the end of the year, then we suggest booking a flight to Washington. Book a flight from October 6 to 20, where you can visit some of America's most iconic monuments and sites, like the Lincoln Memorial, Washington Memorial or Smithsonian Institute.

Or, if you're thinking of crossing the Atlantic, Washington D.C. can serve as a layover to quite a number of destinations like Barcelona, Copenhagen, Rome or even Vienna. 


3. Antigua (US$477)

October 12 - October 17

Spend five days in Antigua or its equivalent: five days at five beaches. Known for having "a beach for every day of the year," you have any number of their gorgeous beaches to swim, dive, snorkel or fish, including Half Moon Bay, Dickenson Bay or the ever-popular Stingray City.

Take a five-minute speedboat ride off the east coast of Antigua to the shallow pool of Stingray City. There, you can get in touch with your adventurous side and swim or snorkel amidst hundreds of friendly stingrays. 


4. Cayman Islands (US$471)

October 18 -  October 25

The Cayman Islands are the perfect spot to visit if you're a water enthusiast. Visit Eden Rock and Devil's Grotto, two of Grand Cayman's most popular dive sites. Both are wonderful underwater mazes filled with a number of species of fish and both are great swims for both beginner and intermediate snorkelers.

You can also visit Captain Keith Tibbetts Wreck, a 330-foot-long Russian warship that was sunk off Cayman Brac to create an artificial reef. It's now the coral-crusted, sponge-coated home to thousands of groupers, amber-coloured scorpion fish and even a handful of green moray eels. The ship is largely intact; its remains range from 30-feet deep to 100 feet near the seafloor. 


5. Curacao (US$360)

October 17 - October 24

The serene Dutch isle is known for its colourful houses in Willemsted, so can you imagine seeing it at night; be sure to take a cool stroll along the waterfront at night. Or, you can visit the Floating Market in Handelskade, where wooden boats from Venezuela dock alongside the canal, and vendors here sell fresh-caught fish and tropical fruits and vegetables. If you're a cocktail lover, then we'd suggest paying a visit to the Curacao Liqueur Distillery, and see how the world-famous Blue Curacao is made. 


6. Suriname (US$289)

October 22 - October 28 

If you love the outdoors, then a visit to the Central Suriname Nature Reserve should be added to your list. Designated a UNESCO World Heritage site, the Reserve is 16 thousand square kilometres of rich biodiversity. The giant granite monoliths rise high above the rainforest will also take your breath away. Or take a hike to the highest mountaintop in Suriname, Julianatop. The Coppename River is also a definite must-see. The huge, beautiful river cuts through the rainforests of Suriname and passes through most of its major mountainous regions. 


7. Panama (US$549)

October 9 - October 13

This deal may be a tad over budget, but it may just be worth it. Panama, the southernmost country of Central America, has an enticing medley of exciting cities, quiet villages, coffee plantations, beaches, mountains and rainforest. 

Go to the Pearl Islands, an archipelago of about 100 islands in the Gulf of Panama. With untouched forest and pristine beaches, the Pearl Islands were made famous when they were used as a location setting for the reality television series, Survivor, in 2003. 

Or visit Boquete, which sits in the mountain ranges that extend into Costa Rica. Known as the “Valley of the Flowers,” Boquete offers a number of activities to make your trip truly memorable. Whether you zip line over through the canopy of the Cloud Forest, soak in the hot springs along the Caldera River or whitewater river rafting on the Chiriquí Viejo, you'll be talking about your trip to Panama for years to come.