Friday 3 July, 2020

7 holiday activities for your tweens and teens

Too old for school camp, too young to be trusted to stay at home alone.

When it comes to teenagers, especially those on the younger end of the spectrum, holidays can prove to be a daunting challenge for parents.

How can we keep our teens busy, entertained, relaxed, safe and away from their screens all day? Find them fun activities that will help them to develop, learn, grow and be challenged.

Here are some ideas to keep your teen engaged this school holiday.

1) Learn a trade: Learning a new skill is always great when it comes to keeping our children’s skill bank full. If you can, find a trade school with a “summer” programme where they can learn to make or repair things.

2) Learn a new language: The ability to speak another language is just plain common sense in this global village. Find a language school where your teen can either brush up on the languages he learns in school or learn a new language.

3) Enrol in music classes: The two-month vacation is a good time to learn a new instrument. Let your teen join a music programme where he/she will make new friends, learn new music and learn to perform in front of others.

4) Take them on a road trip: There is no better time to get to know the country you are living in than a long vacation. Bubble a pot, pack the cooler and take the kids out on the road to learn about their country.

5) Volunteer work: Teens always complain about the difficulty in getting jobs after school because they have no job experience. Volunteering, while unpaid, helps teens to learn vital workplace skills, builds self-confidence and gives them purpose. It could also lead to a paying job later on.

6) Take an online course: If your teen or tween prefers to spend his vacation on the computer, make it worth their while. Enrol them into an online course to learn how to code, build an app or build a website or anything that interests them.

7) Reading challenge: Challenge your teen to read a certain number of books by the end of the holidays. Give her a reward depending on the number she reads as motivation.


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