Saturday 15 December, 2018

7 snacks that defined your childhood Christmas

Anyone who grew up in the 90s will remember the rare and exotic goodies that would magically appear in the kitchen cupboards come Christmas time.

Some of these gems are near impossible to find now – presumably discontinued – but we’ll always have the memories of sneaking chili balls, or Cadbury hazelnuts one by one from the tin, hoping we wouldn’t get caught.

7 snacks that defined your childhood Christmas

1. Planters Chili Balls

There’s not much to say here. Planters Chili Balls has achieved absolute cult status in the hearts and minds of Trinis. The entire Planters line was a staple for Christmas time, but there’s something about those Chili Balls that have a special place in our best Christmas memories.


2. Pringles with the ridges

You can find any range of flavours of Pringles now – from cheddar to sour cream to pizza to BBQ. But there’s something you won’t find – the plainly flavoured but delightfully textured Pringles with the ridges, which used to find its way into kitchens for Christmas.


3. Viva Puffs

Chocolate covered marshmallows with a fruit jelly centre sat atop a biscuit. These confections were synonymous with Christmas as a kid.  


4. Danish Butter Cookies

The one time of year you find actual cookies in these tins…not sewing supplies.


5. Delta Strawberry Fruit Centre Cookies

If you don’t have these cookies in your cupboard, is it even Christmas?


6. Cadbury Hazelnuts

We’ve all made covert missions into the kitchen to sneak a few of these delightful chocolate-covered hazelnuts. Eventually, you stole so many the tin would be down to two and the jig was up.


7. Quality Street Chocolates

We all know the best thing about Quality Street candies were the colourful wrappers, and rushing to get all the best ones (purple wrapper, duh) before anyone else could have them.

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