Thursday 12 December, 2019

7 tips to keep your little ones safe this holiday season

The Child Protection Unit (CPU) is appealing to parents and guardians to ensure the wellbeing of their children as the Christmas school vacation approaches.

The Unit is also requesting the support of all stakeholders to minimise incidents of sexual assault and abuse towards children.

Here are some tips the CPU says parents should observe to ensure their children’s safety during this busy time:

1. Parents should ensure children are properly supervised when taking them to crowded areas such as shopping malls, stores, and supermarkets as they can become easily lured into washrooms and lonely areas by predators who are on the loose at this time looking for children who appear to be unattended/unsupervised.

2. Discourage children from accepting drinks, food, money or gifts from persons without your approval.

3. Do not leave a child’s drink unattended as this can be easily contaminated with mind numbing drugs.

4. Ensure that if your children are left at home there is a responsible adult to supervise them.

5. Know the friends that your children are with at the malls and movie theatres and other public spaces.

6. Parents should always supervise their children’s internet activity along with their cellular phone use and tablets; and have a common place for the use of these devices where their use can be easily monitored.

7. Contact the police if your child has received pornographic material via the internet or if you suspect he/she has been the target of an online sex predator.

Parents and guardians are urged to come forward and report all instances of abuse or suspected abuse to the police.

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