Saturday 23 June, 2018

8 spots to get a good steak for TT Restaurant Week

Who doesn't love a good steak? 

Whether you enjoy the tender, mildly flavoured tenderloin or prefer the buttery and juiciness of a T-bone, if you're a meat lover, it's pretty hard to resist that big, beautiful slab of beef as it slowly sizzles on the grill.

With Restaurant Week coming up, there are quite a number of options for you to indulge in beef bliss. Here are at least eight: 


1. All Out Sports Bar and Gourmet Grill  

All Out boasts of having their own signature steak. If the Gourmet Grill on Tragarete Road is on your list, we suggest trying their roasted carved prime rib in red wine au jus. 


2. Hayley's Buffet and Bar

If you live in or around Trincity, you won't have to go too far to get your beef on. Hayleys Buffet and Bar has a healthy 8 oz Angus strip loin steak with red wine mushroom sauce. 


3. Joseph's Restaurant

Get the best of the land and sea with Joseph's 6 oz. strip loin with jumbo shrimp with not one but two sauces: creamy mushroom and roasted garlic with a herbed sweet potato mash. 


4. More Vino 

You don't have to go to More Vino just for the sushi. For Restaurant Week, try their striploin steak with an Asian Miso Teriyaki sauce. 


5. Sails Restaurant and Pub 

You have another surf and turf option, this time at Sails. Get a rib-eye steak served with half lobster tail in a garlic butter sauce. 


6. Texas de Brazil 

In addition to the several meat options, you can eat as much flank steak and Brazilian picanha (a type of sirloin steak) to your heart's delight. Buffet style. 

We suggest you walk with a sleeping bag when you go. 


7. Toppers 

If you want to keep it simple and classic, head to Toppers for the 7 oz sirloin served with either fries or onion rings.


8. Woodford Cafe 

Cheese lovers rejoice.

Visit Woodford Cafe for their Swiss steak: an 8 oz steak covered in Swiss cheese and brown sauce. If that wasn't enough cheese for you, worry not, since they're pairing it with a creamy cheesy mash. 


8 spots to get a good steak for TT Restaurant Week