Saturday 24 August, 2019

8 things Trinis always asking for

Although they are a proud people and everybody have an Aunty, daddy, mummy or nennen who tell them “doh ask people for nutten”, there are some requests that seem to be standard among Trinidadians.

Here are eight of them.


Time off

Even though Trinidad and Tobago has the most holidays for the year among all the Caribbean islands, a Trini will party for a four-day weekend and still come to work ready to send a request for time off to HR.



Ketchup and Pepper rule the condiment kingdom in Trinidad and whereas in parts of Europe and the US, packets of condiments are paid for, Trinis don’t know nothing about that. Extra packs of ketchup and containers are now the norm- especially if Royal Castle pepper is in the mix. After all, these things come in handy when you bubbling that “just before month end” pot



“lt have comps?” “I could be your plus one?”

Ask any DJ or promoter you know. If a Trini can avoid paying for an event, a Trini will avoid paying for the event. So popular are complimentary tickets that you often wonder how events made money. If you dealing with a Trini, most likely there will be a conversation about that plus one following your mention of whichever event you trying to take them to.


HDC house

If you are a Trini, you’ve probably at some point asked someone if they know someone inside HDC that could link you. Or you’ve asked a minister, or called in on a programme to complain that you need one. Or you’ve asked Jesus. No matter which way you look at it, the HDC house is one of the most asked for and wished for Trini desires.


Back pay

Trinis have been protesting and asking and expecting this for so long, back pay could join the ranks of long lost loves, youth and that pet your mom told you ran away but will come back one day. But we keep asking for it.


The DJ to stop talking so much

Ever been to a party and heard someone complain that the DJ should “shut up and play music”. If you’re a Trini then of course you have. You’ve probably been the one yelling to ask the DJ to hush as well. It’s a fact that most Trini DJs talk too much and most audiences ain’t bashful about asking them to stick to the mixing.


A drop

“Hear nah you could carry me down so and so? I not staying long.”

If you have a car and your Trini friend know you have a car, your Trini friend wants a ride. We just ain’t a walking people most times.


Gas $

“Yeah, let’s go. You have gas money?”

As quick as a Trini pedestrian will ask for a drive, a Trini driver will ask for gas money. Cause engines don’t run on favours and oil prices going up.

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