Saturday 26 May, 2018

9 Restaurant Week options for pescatarians and vegetarians

Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week is quickly approaching and this year seems to have the most participation, with over 80 restaurants (and counting) taking part in the annual culinary showcase. 

As a foodie of any kind, the sheer number of restaurants--let alone menu options--can be overwhelming. So, we've decided to help you by sharing a series of themed listicles to help make your restaurant selections easier. 

Shira Mohammed, Project Manager for Trinidad and Tobago Restaurant Week recently stated that this year, the team has placed more emphasis on ensuring that there would be more vegetarian options for patrons. 

Restaurants are still finalizing their menus, but we're sharing at least nine options for pescatarians and vegetarians.


Bottles and Bites (St. Joseph Village, San Fernando)

Located in San Fernando, Bottle and Bites is offering a meal inclusive of tapas, entrees. Veggie tempura, spicy edamame beans, and veggie rolls are all available, along with several options for dessert and complimentary coffee and wine. 



Chaud Cafe (One Woodbrook Place, Woodbrook)

Enjoy their starter soup of the day: a wild mushroom ragout with spinach, brie, balsamic, truffle and brioche. Follow that up with a Penne Pomodoro with or without shrimp along with roasted tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella. 




Howdy Dan's (Movietowne, POS)

For appetizers, start with Howdy Dan's house salad; if you're a pescatarian, choose from their pepper calamari or their fish poppers, a generous serving of breaded fish served on a bed of lettuce served with a spicy harissa sauce. 

For entrees, choose from either the pasta primavera with garden vegetables, pan-seared Atlantic salmon or the grilled mahi-mahi.


Jaffa at the Oval (Tragarete Road, POS)

Jaffa has two menus for Restaurant Week, one of which is their Seafood Extravaganza. With poached Gulf shrimp, mussels, snapper primavera, and the Jaffa sushi and sashimi selection, this menu is a seafood lover's paradise. 



Joseph's (Rookery Nook, Maraval) 

Sit at the Chef's Table at Joseph's, which has a plethora of appetizers including Hummus Bi Tahini, Ful Medames (fava beans with tomato, parsley, garlic and olive oil) and Baba Ganoush (eggplant whipped with tahini and lime juice).

From there, you can dive into your entree of either Samke Trabuisieh (red snapper brushed with sumac and oregano, baked atop diced tomato and sweet pepper) or Bamieh Bil Zeit (baby okra prepared in a stew of tomato, onion, and garlic along with jasmine rice). 



Le Moderne (Ariapita Avenue, POS)

Have some escargot to start or Aloo Mattar Samosas, or try the creamy pumpkin and coconut bisque. For entrees, try the lobster with Amaretto-scented Mornay or the Paneer Rogan Josh with pulao rice and garlic naan. 



Rizzoni's (MovieTowne, POS)

Get a taste of Italy with their varied antipasti selections. The Caprese Salad, for example, is a smoked tomato terrine, basil-infused mozzarella cheese, micro green salad, pesto aioli, and a cranberry balsamic emulsion. Or have the Tuscan shrimp bisque made with lobster oil, cheese puff crouton, and Napoleon creme fraiche. 

Order the Linguine Alla Norma, made with fresh baby spinach, black olives, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, deep-fried eggplant, all in a tomato cream sauce. 



Sails (Chaguaramas)

Start with the seafood chowder or the samosas at Sails, and then have one of several seafood entrees, which include their flame-grilled lobster or their seafood Alfredo. 



Zanzibar (Price Place, MovieTowne, By The Sea)

The Zanzibar team has created a full vegetarian menu which includes Parmesan herbed fries, their Six-Cheese Ravioli, and the Southwestern Burger. 



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