Saturday 17 November, 2018

Abdulah 'not surprised' by Beetham response to Hinds

Photo: Video footage of MP Fitzgerald Hinds being splashed by disgruntled residents in Beetham circulated online on Tuesday night. Image taken from Facebook.

Photo: Video footage of MP Fitzgerald Hinds being splashed by disgruntled residents in Beetham circulated online on Tuesday night. Image taken from Facebook.

Head of the Movement for Social Justice (MSJ), David Abdulah, said he is not surprised at the response of Beetham residents who splashed flood water at MP Fitzgerald Hinds during a visit to the community on Tuesday.

(Video: Facebook)


Speaking to Loop News, Abdulah said he visited residents in the Laventille area previously to address their concerns and said one resident referred to the Laventille West MP as a 'Missing Person'.

"I'm not surprised by what's happened, it's unfortunate but I'm not surprised because some time ago I was in Laventille with the media looking at some problems which residents were having and one person described the initials MP not as representing their Member of Parliament but as a 'missing person'."

"So there is a great deal of concern by members of communities represented by the PNM that their members of Parliament are not representing them and are not addressing their fundamental concerns and interests."

He said this is also true of some areas which fall under the UNC.

"This reflects the approach by the traditional parties, PNM and UNC, which is to take for granted their base support and see them largely as ethnic, which they expect to mobilise at election time. They don't address the fundamental issues of underdevelopment and simply expect that persons will come out and vote for them based on ethnic loyalty," he said. 

Abdulah said this traditional dynamic is breaking down and is reflected in the dissatisfaction of Beetham residents. 

"There's a lot of anger, a lot of pain, a lot of frustration and a feeling of being neglected," he said.

Abdulah said some of this stems from the fact that there is no real plan to address the issues affecting these vulnerable communities. 

"Government needs to take a serious look at how they are dealing with the problems of their constituents. The parties don't have any concrete ideas on how to deal not only with the problems of infrastructure but also the problem of unemployment, which is contributing to the build-up of anger and frustration."

Abdulah said the MSJ has been proposing for the establishment of a National Development Fund and community cooperatives in order to address the need for infrastructure to help build sustainable communities. 

"If we approach this in that way then we can help generate economic stimulus, jobs can be created and wealth can be created within communities and for people, instead of simply giving contracts out to the 'one percent', which does not benefit the people," he said. 


Well-deserved, or disrespectful?

Many citizens were varied in their response to the Beetham residents' response, with some saying it was deserved, while others said it was an act of violence and was uncalled for. 

Darryll Williams:

"That good for f*@king him. They over used those ppl for votes and did nothing for them."

Ayinde Small:

"Well said we as a people got to rise to the level above partisan political party support and demand our just dues.It will only change when UNC could win A Laventille seat and PNM a Penal Debe seat then these politicians will know we serious as a people."

Appleonia Mohammed:

"Y’all laughing, I don’t care who it is, I don’t condone this animal kinda behavior, didn’t humans learn to be civil? I don’t like the guy buy this was wrong... chase him but you didn’t hafta kick the dirty water on him."

Salisha Ali:

"I sorry for u Hinds but ministers need to get off their high chairs when in office and work with ppl ..they r d ones who put u in office so make place better for them ....u need to start helping ppl...remember U NEED THEIR VOTES to get back in roll up yuh sleeves and put on yuh boots and start working."


"I don't find anything funny about that Fitzgerald Hinds thing tbh. Not because he's a minister or anything but that's just disrespectful to a human. I wouldn't even throw flood water on a dog."


"Dawg Iza gyal does laugh at real sh*t but meen find anything funny about soaking a minister in flood water."


"Kick dat flood water in his face enno. From the Drainnnnnnn enno. From the Beetham enno. Mannnnn I vex for Hinds all kinda thing."


"Y’all my heart break with that drain flood water on the MP. We need to do better."

Do you think splashing MP Fitzgerald Hinds with flood water was out of line?

No, he deserved it
Yes, it was disrespectful


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