Thursday 1 October, 2020

Aboud details attempted robbery: Ariapita Avenue a 'warzone'

Starlite Group Limited CEO Gerald Aboud has issued a warning for citizens to be vigilant on Ariapita Avenue which he says has become a 'war zone'. 

This, after he said he had a frightening experience on the Avenue on Thursday night.

In a social media post, Aboud said two men, one of whom was 'Spanish', attempted to gain access to his vehicle.

"At 7.25pm tonight I was eating Chinese food in my car in front Mi Asia. I hadn't eaten for a while so I took a chance but positioned the car defensively and left it in neutral," Aboud said.

"I locked my door but not the other carelessly. I got a little distracted with a phone call, then not long after two guys approached my car from behind. I saw it happening and was able to clock the door just as he reached my door. I looked over and one of them was Spanish."

Aboud lamented that Trinidad is no longer what it used to be. 

"Ariapita is a warzone," he said.

"Be advised. I am also told that this is now commonplace and especially with women. I am also told they may brandish a gun. And be advised police drove past 3 mins earlier. Everyone be advised."

Aboud's comments come amidst public concern over the influx of Venezuelan immigrants entering the country, some of whom have been implicated in criminal activity.

Last Sunday, the leader of a notorious gang based in Tucupita, Venezuela who is wanted in the Bolivarian Republic for several murders, was arrested by police in Point Fortin.

Police seized a quantity of arms and ammunition during the operation.

Other reports claim sev­er­al hun­dred mem­bers of the notorious Venezuelan gang, Evande are in Trinidad illegally.

Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley said on Thursday that the government is not naive and is aware that criminals from Venezuela are also coming to T&T among those fleeing their country due to economic and political turmoil.

He warned that Venezuelan immigrants in Trinidad who participate in criminal activity would be deported. 

A registration process to monitor Venezuelan nationals in this country is set to begin next week.

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