Sunday 21 October, 2018

Accused kidnappers in court

Two men have appeared before an Arima Magistrate on allegations of kidnapping a Venezuelan national.

The suspects Edison Guppy, 30, of Pinewood Drive, Carapo and Angelo Isiodore, 26, of Jugmohan Trace, Carapo, were both charged for their alleged involvement in the kidnapping of Jason Guerra.

They were charged by Cpl Ramkissoon, following their arrests last Friday.

After the charges were read, the matter was adjourned to November 14.

Guerra, of L’anse Mitan Road, Carenage, was liming at a bar along the Southern Main Road, Curepe, on October 7, when at about 6:00 pm, he was forced into a Nissan Tiida.

The police were notified and at about 10:00 pm that night the kidnappers called Guerra's friends and demanded a ransom of $100,000, according to police.

Officers of the Ant-Kidnapping Unit, Northern Division Task Force, Air Support Unit, Inter-Agency Task Force, Guard and Emergency Branch and the Canine Unit along with members of the Defence Force investigated the report and conducted a joint exercise.

On October 11, Guerra was found in some bushes near the Santa Rosa Race Track.

He did not suffer any serious injuries.

More on this as it becomes available.