Wednesday 28 October, 2020

Explore Trinidad with these thrilling adventure tours

We're in the height of the July-August holidays and now's the best time to get out of the house and see more of the beautiful island we live in. 

At the moment, there are countless groups offering tours and excursions for those who love the outdoors, including the National Trust of Trinidad and Tobago.

What's even better is most of these activities are suitable for children, creating fun alternatives for family activities and a way for the kids to learn more about their country.

From lagoon tours, waterfall hikes to chocolate tours, the July-August period has a host of adventure and culture excursions that will allow you to experience Trinidad in a way you've never before.


Oropouche Lagoon Tour 

When: July 23 

What: Take a boat tour of the Oropuche Lagoon and see the flood gates, Godineau Bridge, Cremation site and more. 

Cost: $300 for members and $350 for non-members


Western Isles Boat Tours

When: July 26

What: Go on a historical sail tour through the Diego Islands, the Bocas Islands, the Gasparee Islands and the Five Islands.

Cost: $125 Upper Deck, $100 Lower Deck



Tamana Cave Tour

When: July 28 

What: Hike through the caves of Mount Tamana, the home to millions of bats. In Trinidad, there are 67 species of bats and these caves house 11 species, including vampire bats, fruit bats as well as insect bats.

Cost: $325 for non-members and $275 for members


Chacachacare Adventure

When: July 28 

What: Chacachacare is rich in history, from being a cotton plantation, a leper colony, and once a whaling station.

Explore the lighthouse, the salt pond, the Nuns quarters and get a view of Venezuela. While there, beachgoers can also snorkel and kayak.

Cost: $170 per adult, $130.00 per child



Merikins Heritage Tour

When: July 31

What: Join the National Trust on the eve of the Emancipation Holiday for a tour of the Company Villages Moruga. Learn about the genesis of this settlement and how they came to be called the Merikins.

Cost: Members $275, Non-members $325


Hike to Rio Seco Waterfall

When: August 1

What: Rio Seco is the largest natural river pool in T&T and possibly the deepest so life jackets are provided for those non swimmers wishing to take a dip. For the more adventurous hike, there is the option to climb to various levels of the waterfall and take the feet-first plunge into the pool below. The trek takes hikers through the picturesque Mora Forests. 

Cost without transportation: $60 adults, $40 kids under 12 years
(Security for vehicles provided at a cost of $30 per vehicle)

Cost with transportation: $180 adults, $150 for kids.
(Transpsortation provided once there is sufficient interest in the maxi, must be confirmed1 week in advance)


Quare Waterfalls & Plunge Pools Adventure

When: August 1

What: Tucked away in the forest, the Quare rivers flows into a series of bathing pools and wonderful, picturesque waterfalls. Discover beautiful Quare River through this easy hike which fun and suitable for the entire family.

Cost without transportation: $60 (Security for vehicles provided at a cost of $30 per vehicle)

Cost with transportation: $150 (Confirmation for need of transportation & advance payment for this option is necessary)


Hike to Mermaid Pools

When: August 3

What: To experience the natural treasures of Matura one has to explore the river to discover its fascinating pools, waterfall, and gorges. A favourite spot that attracts a lot of nature lovers is the Mermaid Basins where there is a large pool to swim, relax and enjoy the scenic ambience of nature.

The river as it flows through the valleys passes through a region of uninhabited and unbroken woodland.

Cost: $60 for adults and $30 for children if driving. Parking fee: $30. An additional $75 is required if you prefer to travel via a hired maxi so $150.


Tour the Ortinola Estate and decorate your own chocolate bars

When: August 4

What: Reflect on the history of the Ortinola Great house, take a tour of the estate, get a demonstration of cocoa dancing, see how chocolate is made and decorate your own chocolate bars. 

Cost: $235


Hike to Cyril Bay & Waterfall

When: August 4

What: Located along the North Coast, Cyril Bay is a calm beach with a small spring running of a cliff that dwindles along the coastline. The blue/turquoise waters are rich in biodiversity and if one is to walk along the massive rock from the end of the coast the aesthetics will be rewarding. The journey begins in a tropical rain forest just of the Maracas road.

Cost without transportation: $60 adults

Cost with transportation: $160 or $140 per person ( depends on meeting point)


Gasparee Caves and Kayak Centre Escapade

When: August 17

What: Enjoy a scenic boat ride to Gasparee Grande Island. Embrace nature on a relaxing hike to the caves and learn about its unique flora, fauna and sinkholes. Then, descend 100 ft into the caves and view the natural rock, magnificent limestone caverns, stalactite, stalagmite formations, not to mention the Blue Grotto, a crystal-clear saltwater pool that shimmers like glass.

Cost: $280 adults and $260 kids 3-11 years


Paria Bay & Waterfall By Boat

When: August 24

What: If you've always wanted to visit Paria but want to avoid the strenuous hike, you're in luck. Spend the day enjoying the majestic views of famous Cathedral Rock, walk along the lustrous Paria Bay beach and enjoy a freshing dip in the gorgeous plunge pool that the Paria Waterfall cascades into.

Cost without transportation: $250





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