Tuesday 29 September, 2020

Updated: Adverse weather alert extended until Tuesday

Update @ 1 pm 17/6/2019

An adverse weather alert issued by the Meteorological Service (Met Office) on Sunday has been extended until Tuesday at 4 pm.

The Met Office on Monday afternoon said periods of rain and/or showers and isolated thunderstorms are likely to continue to affect Trinidad and Tobago.

Citizens are advised that street/ flash flooding can occur in heavy downpours and there is an increased risk of landslides or landslips in areas with prolonged rainfall. 

Further, winds can gust in excess of 55km/hr in the vicinity of showers or thunderstorms.

Several parts of Trinidad and Tobago have experienced prolonged rainfall, with some areas affected by flooding and fallen trees. 

Original article: 

Periods of showers and thunderstorms associated with the combination of a tropical wave and the Inter Tropical Convergence Zone (ITCZ) are expected to affect parts of Trinidad and Tobago on Monday.

The Meteorological Service (Met Office) on Sunday issued an Adverse Weather Alert Yellow, warning of the associated conditions to affect the country between 2 am and 3 pm tomorrow.

The Met Office also warned of the likelihood of winds gusting in excess of 55km/hr, especially during the morning, adding that street or flash flooding or landslips may occur in heavy downpours. 

The Yellow Level Alert indicates moderate risk to public safety, as weather conditions may cause disruptions in a few places with potential for minor injuries.

Citizens are asked to increase monitoring of the environment and look out for updates from official sources.

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