Sunday 5 July, 2020

AG: Anti-Gang and Bail Bill needs to be passed

The Attorney General is accusing the Opposition of attempting to “dilute” the amendments proposed to the Anti-Gang and Bail Bill.

He says every measure is opposed by the UNC with no clear reason why.

“They come with dilutions to the law which will not survive the application that it is required for. More particularly, they have no justification as to why what they suggest now should be different from what applied when they were in government.

Al-Rawi says the amendments are required, especially because the police service has asked for them in order to curtail crime.

The Bail Amendment Bill will be debated in the Lower House on Wednesday after the Parliament was reconvened out of recess.

The Bill seeks to deny bail for 120 days, to a person charged with a listed offence that is punishable for a term of imprisonment of ten years or more. This includes firearm-related offences, as well as addresses, repeat offenders charged with offences listed in Part II of the Schedule to the Act.

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