Tuesday 11 December, 2018

AG dismisses Moonilal's accusations in Parliament

Dr Roodal Moonilal is a desperate man.

That was the response of Attorney General Faris Al Rawi in response to allegations he conspired to plant recording devices in the office of Opposition member Attorney Gerald Ramdeen.

“He is a desperate man. He is named in a warrant under Magistrate's hands and he will be named in criminal proceedings so I am not surprised that a desperate man would seek to deflect the attention on him in this way,” Al Rawi said when Loop contacted him.

Speaking during the budget debate, Dr Moonilal said he came across transcripts of text messages that spoke to a conspiracy to engage in criminal wrongdoings involving high public officials.

“One matter came to me and a chill ran up my spine because it spoke to a conspiracy to plant recording devices in the office of an opposition member,” he said, later identifying the person as Ramdeen.

Dr Moonilal said the matter has been reported to the police.

While not identifying the public official by name, Dr Moonilal called out the phone number of the person which is on the transcripts.

That number belongs to the AG.

Stating that he has not seen the transcripts, which are posted to the Exposed TT’s Facebook page, Al Rawi said he does not trust anything Dr Moonilal has to say.

He denied any knowledge of a conspiracy stating that whistle-blowers have approached the office of the AG and they are put in the care and conduct of Attorneys in the AG’s office.

“There is nothing untoward here,” he said.

Ramdeen, however, is calling on Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley to make a statement on this matter.

Ramdeen, who said he first heard of this matter when Dr Moonilal made the revelations in Parliament, said he was very disturbed and upset.

“It is astonishing that we have reached a new low where adversarial politicians would go to this extent to undermine the Opposition.  I have always stood to the rule of law…I am shocked, it is a very disturbing thing to understand this is what is going on behind closed doors,” he said.

He said having heard this revelation, he now has to take different steps with the security of office, home and family.

“It is a matter that everyone in the country should be concerned about. This is really uncalled for, it is disturbing and upsetting,” he said.

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