Friday 30 October, 2020

Al-Rawi: Opportunity for 99-year lease at Bayshore housing project

Photo via Udecott.

Photo via Udecott.

Homeowners at the Bayshore Housing Project may have the opportunity to obtain a 99-year tenancy agreement for their homes, said PNM candidate for San Fernando West, Faris Al-Rawi.

Speaking at a UDECOTT sod-turning ceremony for the project on Friday, Al-Rawi said the five-acre housing project is intended to be a mixed-use community with both residential and agricultural areas.


He said the development was the result of in-depth research and analysis to identify the community’s key needs.

‘We looked at every piece of Trinidad land…we looked at drainage issues and we looked at employment issues. In this community we have found an opportunity with 40 acres of land, beginning with just under five acres in this development.’

‘We are tending to the agricultural farmers here and we will look after the agricultural farmers because this is intended to be a mixed-use community.’

Al-Rawi added that the development would be done at no added cost to homeowners, however, he did not state the overall cost of the project.

He said for every home built a homeowner would be given a land tenancy for three years, which could be increased to a 99-year tenancy.

‘Woodbrook (residences) have 30 and 25-year land tenancies. Why should Bayshore not have a 99-year tenancy?’

‘When you own your property and you have your tenancy you can leave it to your children…you can sell your property.’

He said this development would consist of two-storey homes in order to provide areas for growth.

‘These are starter homes. We can build downstairs, build outside, we can grow our community.’

He warned the public however that laying the foundation for the development would take time.

‘I want to tell you as your MP, this does not happen by the snap of a finger. You have to survey, you have to go to the bank, you have to borrow money, get planning permission, award a contract.’

‘We employ the people in the community to build the community. Who better to build a beautiful home than the person that is going to live in it?’

‘This is how you do it differently.’

The housing development is one of several projects targeted by government to revive the San Fernando area.

The San Fernando Waterfront project, costing an estimates billion dollars, aims to develop opportunities for tourism, business and recreation as well as the preservation of historical assets.


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