Thursday 3 December, 2020

Alkaline or pH, water still better than sweetened drinks

The Diabetes Association of Trinidad and Tobago (DATT) is seeking to debunk claims that alkaline or acidic water is unsuitable for consumption.  

The Association was responding to recent videos which have circulated on social media with claims that water which is either alkaline or neutral possesses health benefits, while water with an acidic pH is less healthy.

In a statement, DATT noted that the information was false and further urged the public to regularly drink water as opposed to any other liquid.

“The misinformation in these posts serves to make an already delicate nutritional problem even more complicated. Our position is that ‘clean water’, no matter the source (bottled, tap etc.) and no matter the pH (alkaline, neutral or acidic) should be consumed in preference to sweetened soft drinks and juices.”

“We should be less concerned about the pH of water and more concerned about the salts, sugars and fats we consume in excess”

The Association further warned the public about the spread of fake news and noted the importance of gathering information from credible sources.

“Today we are bombarded with videos and ads which spread misinformation in a very attractive way. Unfounded personal opinions and misinterpretations about health are dangerous as they may guide our people towards trends which may be harmful to their bodies and their pockets.”

DATT also sought to debunk myths that foods and drinks can change the pH balance of the consumer. It said contrary to the claims, this cannot easily occur as several organs work together to keep it between 7.34 to 7.45.

It also noted that different regions of the body need to be slightly alkaline in order to remain healthy.

Meanwhile, DATT said the normal range of pH drinking water is 6.5 to 9.5. but said solutions lower than 2.5 and higher than 10, may cause serious harm to body systems and functions.

Turning to Cancer, the NGO revealed that there is no scientific evidence which shows that an alkaline diet can prevent the disease. The Association also commented on whether acidic foods can lead to Osteoporosis. It said there are not scientific publications supporting these claims.

The Association is expected to host its 2017 DATT EXPO on September 29, where it will have a special session devoted to debunking health myths including pH of water, plastic rice, plastic vegetables, miraculous herbal cures etc. All members of the public are invited to the event which will occur at the Centre of Excellence.

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