Monday 26 October, 2020

All teachers will be paid, Garcia assures

Education Minister Anthony Garcia has given the assurance that all teachers will be paid.

Garcia made the announcement in response to questions by reporters at a virtual media conference on Tuesday. He was asked whether teachers would be paid amidst the closure of schools as a result of the novel coronavirus.

The Minister said teachers should not be 'dismayed' as they will receive their salaries.

"A school is viewed by us, not only as a building, as a physical structure, but a school is also part of students, teachers, parents and in fact all those persons who perform whatever duty he or she is called upon, and that would include the ancillary staff. Therefore if the physical structure is closed, we want to ensure that education continues and if education is to continue, we want to make sure that our teachers are paid."

"And I want to give you the assurance that our teachers need not be dismayed. They will be paid their salaries and I'm sure they are going to add value to what is being done so that nobody could say that the teachers are lazy," he said.

At the conference, Garcia said it seemed 'virtually impossible' that schools would reopen before September 2020.

However, he noted that a final decision will be made by Cabinet on Thursday.

Meanwhile, on the issue of substitute teachers not being paid, Garcia assured that the Ministry of Education is working to ensure that they receive their outstanding monies.

"That is something that we are looking at. Our Finance section of the Ministry of Education is busily ensuring that all those persons who provide services to the education sector are paid. Once you work, it is our view that you must be paid," he stated. 

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