Thursday 1 October, 2020

Almost 2,000 pounds of trash collected at Scotland Bay beach clean-up

Trinidadians are once again being urged to clean up after themselves as once again volunteers collected almost 2,000 pounds of garbage at Scotland Bay.

In a statement issued earlier this week, the Green Circle (tGC), a small environmental NGO, gathered 337 volunteers from 28 crews like Caesar’s Army and TRIBE at 6 AM aboard the Habour Master.

The groups headed to Scotland Bay to clean up the beach - a whopping 1,925 pounds of trash was removed from the Bay.

The clean-up was held as part of the International Coastal Cleanup Day by global coordinators – Ocean Conservancy.

The event, which takes on the third Saturday in September every year, sees hundreds of thousands of volunteers take to coasts across the world to clean up waterways and the ocean.

“tGC dubs its contribution to and participation in International Coastal Cleanup Day the “Beach Clean pUmP.”

“The activity is so-called as the NGO invites popular youth-based crews in T&T “DDI” to engage in a clean-up exercise. Groups like Bess Lime, the Andrew Lewis Sailing Foundation, Punchy Punch and the Rotaract Clubs of Central POS and Diego Martin, to name just a few, gather and head to Scotland Bay to clean the beach. After the cleaning, a “pump” or “lime” ensues on the way back to the mainland,” the group said.

The group’s efforts were supported by corporate sponsors Maritime and the Massy Foundation.

Green Circle Founder Mr Kerrie-Kim Kirton said this shows that environmental responsibility and sustainability is on the minds of corporate Trinidad and Tobago.

Other long-standing, annual partners like the Unit Trust Corporation and the Brydens Group also returned to support the cause in 2019.

The group said it hopes that everyone who left the beach was happy to have participated in the clean-up and will behave more responsibly in the future, as a result. 

“If the participants can adjust their mindset about litter in general and marine litter, in particular, having seen for themselves that we are the problem, they will hopefully encourage their friends and family to behave responsibly”.

“Garbage in our coastal waters threatens livelihoods, recreation, health and even tourism. But if we each do our part to stop garbage from reaching the water, we can ensure the sustainability of our coastlines for generations to come.”

“It starts with one person. If we all adjust our actions, even just a little, the disastrous effects on our environment can be curtailed and the hard work and sacrifices made to execute this and all other beach clean-ups will be worthwhile,” said Kim-Kirton.

The group also included statistics from their clean-ups at Scotland Bay over the years:

2019, Scotland Bay, Trinidad

337 volunteers

193 bags of garbage

1,925 lbs of trash


2018, Scotland Bay, Trinidad

310 volunteers

188 bags of garbage

3,364 lbs of trash


2017, Scotland Bay, Trinidad

330 volunteers

217 bags of garbage

4,117 lbs. of trash


2016, Scotland Bay, Trinidad

150 volunteers

100+ bags of garbage

2,200 lbs. of trash


2015, Scotland Bay, Trinidad

69 volunteers

88 bags of garbage

1,450 lbs. of trash.

The group is also urging the public to get involved - Kim-Kirton acknowledged the support of the private sector and said he hopes to build further partnerships with corporate Trinidad in order to execute more environmentally friendly initiatives.

Already for 2018, the NGO has partnered with the Suntory Group and Massy United Insurance on cleanups and reforestation projects.

More recently, the Green Circle installed 3 new garbage bins at Aranguez Savannah, with the help of Rotoplastics Limited.

The Savannah was without bins before tGC’s exercise.

More environmental initiatives are in the pipeline for the organization including eco-rehabilitation and an ocean clean-up. To get involved, corporate entities can contact the organization via email at


About the International Coastal Cleanup

The International Coastal Cleanup (ICC) is the world’s largest annual volunteer event to clean up the marine environment. This Global initiative is coordinated by the Ocean Conservancy, Virginia, USA.

T&T’s Coastal Cleanup is organized by the Caribbean Network for Integrated Rural Development (CNIRD) in partnership with the National Planning Committee (a network of like-minded organizations).

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