Thursday 22 August, 2019

Animal cruelty claims not true, circus says

Family Attractions, the promoter of The Suarez Brothers Circus, is urging the public to dismiss a post in circulation across Facebook alleging animal cruelty taking place at the diverse entertainment show.

The post in question, accompanied by a photo of a monkey, claims that animals could be heard “crying out in discomfort from being caged in sweltering heat”.

Family Attractions said this accusation is simply not true.

The promoter noted that when the circus came to Trinidad on March 23 there was much concern from the public about the treatment of the animals, and, as a result a veterinarian was brought on to affirm the humane treatment of the animals.

Family Attractions said evidence from the Vet Doctor provided reconfirmed that the dogs were well taken care of, well fed and loved and no harm was done to them at any point.

“In addition to the Vet Doctor’s statements, the public attended the shows over the past 3 ½ months and agreed that the dogs looked happy and well loved. After going to three locations in Trinidad, the circus opened on July 6th at The Divali Nagar Car Park, being their last stop for the summer vacation. Prior to this, there were no further comments nor concerns about the well being of the animals,” the promoter added.

Speaking directly to the information contained in the post, Family Attractions indicated that there are no monkeys in the Suarez Brothers Circus, nor any other animals besides dogs.

The photo used in the post was taken from google images by searching the words “circus monkey in cage” related to a 2009 article against the Sterling & Reid Circus and is currently being circulated as an attack on Family Attractions and The Suarez Brothers Circus.

“We wish to clarify once again, that there is no cruelty to the dogs. They have their own space to walk freely during the day in addition to an air-conditioned trailer for their comfort,” Family Attractions said.

Family Attractions appealed to the public to note that the claims in the post against the circus are false and urged people against the “sharing of this fake news and assist us in spreading the truth”.


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