Saturday 11 July, 2020

Animal welfare group invites citizens to ‘Save the Strays’

Animal advocacy group, the Human, Animal and Environmental Care and Management Foundation (HAECMF), is inviting animal lovers to come down to a family fun day and BBQ to help raise funds for a local animal shelter.

Lisa Ramlogan, head of HAECMF, says these fundraising initiatives will help pave the way for funding and expanding a local animal shelter dedicated to creating and facilitating homes for animals. 

Citizens are encouraged to bring their pets and meet fostered pets up for adoption at their family fun day and BBQ titled “Save the Strays” on December 4, 2016, at the Trinidad and Tobago Cadet Force (TTCF) Messing Department Compound at Long Circular Road, St James. 

The event is just part of a fund-raising initiative to assist with the expansion of a shelter for the Animal Defence Society.

The event will include educational sessions for adults and children, as well as fun activities for children, including a headline entertainment act and bouncy castle for the kids.

“It’s a great day for everyone to come out and spend time with their families and bring their pets as well.”

Ramlogan says the need for proper awareness of animal care is just part of the issue.

Ramlogan, who helped bring attention to the treatment of stray dogs at the San Fernando pound, took in some of the dogs and has helped to rehabilitate them back to full health.

Her assistance in bringing attention to the issue, added to the public pressure from numerous other animal advocacy groups and public persons, helped to bring about the closure of the pound and a plan for reform.

She says this is proof that public pressure can bring about positive change.

“I went over to the pound and when I got there, I began to ask questions, how are they fed, what is done to care for them, and I realised that not one protocol was observed. My recommendation was that the pound should be closed, and a few days later it was.”

“But we still have the issue of overpopulation and the lack of proper care, and we have to start dealing with that, and part of this involves the use of legislation to bring about enforcement.”

Ramlogan hopes that the shelter will be able to expand into a centre to provide educational awareness and other facilities for animal care. including an animal husbandry division. 

For more information about the event or to help with sponsorship, contact HAECMF on 482-5036 or see their Facebook page:  

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