Sunday 29 November, 2020

UPDATE: Carnival fetes that are no more for 2018

Short Carnival seasons are tough. 

While there are fete lovers that come out every year in droves, unfortunately, there are a few events that, for any one of several reasons, leads the promoter to axe their event from the Carnival calendar. It's worse when the season's shorter since there's less time to work with. 

Here are some Carnival fetes that have been cancelled for the 2018 season. Although you might miss these events for this season, there is no shortage of other fetes that you can check out.

We'll update this list in the event of more cancellations. 


1. Shurwayne Winchester’s Tobago Love the Xperience" All Inclusive (usually held on New Year's Day)

2. Bishop's Tobago All Inclusive (usually held in mid-February)

3.Yuma Fahrenheit (usually held on Carnival Friday)

4. Moka All Inclusive (usually held on Carnival Sunday) 

5. Karambouly All Inclusive (usually held in mid-February)

6. TTHTI Taste of Carnival (usually held on Carnival Friday)

7. South Cancer All-Inclusive (usually held in early February)

8. Battle of the Sexes (usually held in late January or early February) 

9. Elevation Drinks Inclusive (usually held in late January or early February)

10. Festival of Bacchanal: Destra in Concert (Carnival Wednesday)

11.Jam Junction J'ouvert (usually held in late January or early February)

12. Utopia All Inclusive (intended for February 10)

13. Pumped Cooler Fete (new / intended for February 11)

14. Klymaxx (new / intended for February 15)

15. Shades Carnival Cooler (intended for February 7)

16. iUP Block-O (new / intended for February 11)  

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