Saturday 19 October, 2019

Anthony Bourdain loves doubles, questions coke in rum

CNN host Anthony Bourdain has been making the rounds all over Trinidad and Tobago filming for his show Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown.

Photos with the famous chef and travel host have been popping up all over social media as fans and local celebs alike encounter Bourdain and his film crew experiencing the culinary delightsT&T has to offer.

Getting a face to face interview with Bourdain was difficult but David Wears, Bourdain fan and owner of the Cuisine on the Corner blog along with Loop's Regional Lifestyle Editor, Laura Dowrich-Phillips, were determined to hear his thoughts about his experiences here thus far.

Thanks to Lorraine O'Connor, the local liaison for his production team, he took some time out of his busy schedule to answer our burning questions.

Question: Chef Marcus Samuelsson, who appeared in an episode of your Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown, has announced his love for Trinidad's number one fast food, Doubles. What are your thoughts on it?

Answer:  Absolutely delicious. But tricky for a novice to eat.

Q: With your love of ethnic cuisine, what food would you serve if you had to open a fast food outlet?
A: Maybe Bun bo Hue(Vietnamese beef soup) or Laksa(Singapore chicken soup).

Q: What has the food you experienced in Trinidad revealed about our social fabric?
A: The uniquely glorious but troubled mix of ethnicities, 
races and classes. It works fantastically and comes together in the food.

Q: Due to our history, a lot of our cuisine has been formed through adaption and innovation, did you experience any particular use of ingredients that surprised you?
A: Surprising? No. Though I question adding Coke to what is superb quality rum. It's better by itself

Q:   What role do you see food playing in T&T?
A: Well, it's easily the best advertisement for the country and an expression of its collective identity. If only people came together as brilliantly and effectively as the 
flavours of the food

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