Sunday 20 May, 2018

Anti-bullying Assoc. urges citizens to show more kindness

15-year-old Rodriguez, who started the organisation in 2013, issued a statement for the commemoration of World Happiness Day on Monday.

"Today is International Day of Happiness and as President of the Anti-Bullyingg Association of Trinidad and Tobago, it is my fervent wish that the occasion gives reason for us to create a positive mind shift through random acts of kindness across the nation."

"Imagine the multiplying effect of each of us in turn sharing something that might make someone else feel happier." 

"My challenge to you is to seek out someone, anyone, even an absolute stranger and extend some kindness to them in any way."

"The opportunities available are everywhere. You can exchange a smile, a kind word, or a tangible expression such as paying for the doubles of the person next in the line."

"Today, International Day of Happiness, you can begin to change the world by first changing the way you see it. Let us start the process of looking at each other and things differently. The result is a transformative and happier life."

Rodriguez, who is the 2013  and 2014 National Junior Soca Monarch of Trinidad & Tobago, started the organisation after witnessing his sister being bullied at school.

For more information on the Anti Bullying Association, visit the group's Facebook page: