Sunday 18 August, 2019

Arima Borough launches recycling initiative

Arima Mayor Lisa Morris Julian has expressed hope that come 2020, the borough will be the first to introduce 100% recycling.

The mayor made the announcement during Monday’s launch of the Curbside Recycling Initiative at the Arima Town Hall. 

She was joined by Public Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte as she welcomed the initiative which is a partnership between the Solid Waste Management Company (SWMCOL) and the Arima Borough Corporation. 

In describing the relevance of this recycling initiative to the borough, the Mayor said the Council saw it fit to include the First Peoples as they are the initial custodians and protectors of the land in Arima. 

In a brief speech, Chief of the Santa Rosa First Peoples Community, Ricardo Bharath-Hernandez, explained that the initiative’s theme “Kalatoa” is an indigenous word in the Lokono language which means “to revive”.  

Of the theme, Mayor Morris Julian said it would be taught in schools so that children could help share the message of recycling throughout the borough. 

SWMCOL’s Chairman, Gerard Noel, noted that Arima has now added a fourth “R”, “Revive”, to the “Reduce Reuse Recycle” equation for environmental conservation.  

Public Utilities Minister Robert Le Hunte commended the Mayor for the rollout of this initiative which he said, had been launched in two other Corporations. 

He explained that the nation must shift the way that waste is managed and, for this reason, he is making representation in Parliament for the Beverage Container Bill. 

According to the Minister, every citizen needs to act as a Litter Warden and be self-policing.  He said small changes and environmentally positive actions will encourage persons to move from being spectators to citizens.

The Curbside Recycling Initiative would take immediate effect in the communities of Fiddler’s Dream, Pope Avenue and the Town Centre of Arima. 

Other areas would be introduced in 2019.

Also involved in the initiative is the Environmental Management Authority.

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