Saturday 22 February, 2020

AWN: Lilly has multiple broken bones, will need surgery

Lilly's first ordeal began when she was tossed down a 20-foot embankment into a storm drain.

Now, she'll need surgery costing about $20,000 to fix her broken bones. 

Animal welfare group the Animal Welfare Network (AWN) provided an update on Wednesday after Lilly was rescued by group members over the weekend. 

The group said veterinarians took X-rays of Lilly and showed several broken bones which occurred as a result of her fall.

Her tail will have to be amputated. 

"We have had feedback from our vets, and also a specialist in the US, who has given us the all clear for what will be a lengthy process involving two separate surgery days and weeks of recovery – here is what we now know: Lilly's tail will have to be amputated as it is fractured/ almost completely severed off, she has two broken legs, one of which was done before she was thrown into the river 20ft. below, she has also has a severely fractured pelvis - some of the Xray images shown here will give you an idea of the extent of the injuries."

Lilly's injuries

The group said however that in spite of her painful experience, Lilly has kept her spirits up and never snapped or reacted badly to any of her treatments. 

"Throughout the time Lilly has been with us, never once has she shown us anything other than love and a happy attitude, she is a dog who finds joy in a good meal and a loving pat on the head," the group said.

The group said the estimate of $20,000 will cover her multiple surgeries and recovery time, and they are asking for persons to send fund if possible to the veterinary clinics assigned for her treatment, or to the group's bank details.

Persons can drop off cheques or cash payments addressed to Lilly at:

Vinmer Vet Clinic: 628-2773

Sunny View Vet Clinic: 384-8387 

Or to the Animal Welfare Network's bank account: Republic Bank Limited, account number 110003138601

Please message the group on Facebook to let them know the contribution is for Lilly's treatment. 

"Help us save her, help us give Lilly the second chance she deserves," the group pleaded. 

On Saturday night, camera footage taken from a nearby house allegedly showed two boys tossing the animal over the embankment and then throwing rocks at her in Carenage.

A rescue operation consisting of Carenage residents and members of the AWN combined to lift her out of the storm drain before she drowned in flood waters. 

The group is also calling on citizens to write to their local MPs to request that the country's laws concerning animal cruelty be updated. 

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