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Thursday 13 August, 2020

Back to School: How parents can reclaim their time and space

A group of women calling themselves Back to School Florida mums went viral after posting photos celebrating the reopening of school in the US.

A group of women calling themselves Back to School Florida mums went viral after posting photos celebrating the reopening of school in the US.

When their children headed back to school last month, a bunch of American mothers staged a photoshoot to celebrate.

The group who calls themselves the Back to School Florida Mums posted a series of photos which went viral showing themselves posing with glasses of wine as their charges went back to school.

For many parents, the first day of school is a happy time.

Sure, there is traffic to contend with and the daily hustle of dropping and picking up kids, homework to supervise etc but after having their children at home for two months, parents can, once again, reclaim their time, space and some of their sanity.

If you are one of those parents looking forward to the first day of school and aren’t sure what to do with all this free time, here are some ways you can utilise it.

1: Sit and savour the peace: For two months you woke up to the sounds of Fortnite or children banging on your door demanding breakfast but now that they have been safely deposited to the school compound, you can savour the peace. If you are fortunate to be at home today, just sit quietly, inhale and relax in your quiet surroundings.

2: Enjoy a luxurious breakfast: Treat yourself, you deserve it. Make yourself a breakfast or purchase one fit for a queen or king, put your feet up and sip slowly on your favourite morning brew in your quiet house.

3: Enjoy your television again: For at least six hours a day, the television is once again yours. You can now watch your favourite show without interruption.

4: Go shopping: What a relief to finally go shopping without someone questioning how long you are going to be or complaining that they are hungry. Go ahead, wander those supermarket aisles at your leisure, try on as many outfits as you want in the boutique, your time is now yours.

5: Clean the house: Okay so this may not be fun but when you are done, you can enjoy your clean space, secure in the knowledge that at least until the weekend your house won’t be cluttered with toys, snack wrappers, cups, plates or anything else children never seem to know how to put away.

6: Schedule some pampering: With your daily calendar now free from scheduling activities for the children, how about treating yourself. Go get yourself that massage/pedicure/manicure you’ve been putting off for the last eight weeks.

7: Prepare to greet the kids: Now that you feel relaxed and at peace, you will have so much more energy to direct to your children. Whip up a nice meal and prepare to greet them with open arms when they return home. You will have your free time again tomorrow.

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